Carefree computing: basic concepts from A to Z

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Computers are incredibly useful. You can communicate with it, work and play. It is not that difficult if you know there is at least something, because the computer language such as compressing ?? ?? or ?? Backup ??, for many people is incomprehensible. This makes the frustration most of us even greater than ever. In this article you can find out brightened terms and concepts so you computing without worry.


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How to choose the ideal laptop
In this article you will find some important features to get a better understanding of your computing.


Connecting a printer and install the software? For a seasoned computer user this is not a difficult task. But some know to begin not even know what software means by which he / she who already command a misery. Through the list below you can see the most commonly used words in alphabetical order, find out the ICT world. ICT? Yes, this word can be found here!
Clicking on the letter: according to this table can be the word that starts with the same letter, find faster.


Access provider or Internet access provider
This is a company or Internet service provider which charges apply, with an Internet subscription, provides a connection to the internet. This service provider also takes care of your e-mail, send, receive, store.
An account contains your personal data and that includes a password and a user at. If you need an account with an Internet service, because in order to gain access to the Internet user must have an account. Also, some websites you need to create an account in order to sign for example.
This technology is a software component for exchanging files between a computer and a website. Some websites make use of it, so you can play some files on the site, or download. But in the area of ​​security represent these objects activate considerable risks, because some virus writers are likely to cause irreparable harm your computer.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
This program can display PDF files easier. You can download this software for free.
ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line can be digital and high speed, sending information over an existing telephone line. The telephone traffic is not impeded, but if the neighbors at the same time also use ADSL, your connection may therefore well be worse.
Asynchronous Javascript And XML is a language used to design interactive Web ?? s. To be able to work with AJAX, it is necessary that you already have a solid basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript features.
An alias is another name that stands for the character. Eg. Kortrijk and natalie Both emails come up at the same address. This way you can correspond through the net anonymously or offer your services.
Free server software for websites. It sends raw HTML back to the browser and ensures that others can read your site.
Application Service Provider is a technology developed by Microsoft. Application Service Provider is an organization that offers hardware and software that allows, via an Internet connection, a part of the company's customer management can be performed. With ASP web sites that can be made to appear at the hand of a user different data. The page ?? s such as the user sees them in his browser will be in any action he / she undertakes rebuilt. For example, the user can place an order on a Web page, keep logged or fill out surveys.
Azerty is not the brand but the name of the type of keyboard. The name comes from the first six letters that you can read on the keyboard and it is usually used for the French characters.


This is the English term for a backup. Any computer can sometimes crash which everything is lost, also your important data. It is therefore important that you regularly create a backup, so that after a defect, all original data can get back.
Sometimes called BANDWIDTH, the transmission power per unit of a network: the larger the bandwidth, the faster browsing. This is important when a hosting partner ?? ?? choose.
This is an advertising bar on a website. Usually with a link to the site or page of the advertiser. Banner Ad Blocker software is used to block banners on websites.
File Extension
Is an addition to the end, and after the last point of a file. The extension usually consists of three letters and let us know about what kind of file it is. In this way, not only can you, but also the computer to determine the type of type of file. Some extensions are: paper, figure, music, video, a program, etc. For example:, ?? ?? com. the extension will be here.
Operating system
This key is the program that controls the entire computer. There are several types that are based on Linux or Windows: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, 2003, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Apple's OSX and also various Linux versions.
If you add an e-mail to send to multiple people is that at one time, so by all e-mail addresses. But these e-mail addresses will be visible to the recipient. By making use of the BCC function, Blind Carbon Copy, the other addresses, the recipient will not get to see. In Outlook Express, you need to add this function because it is not visible by default. This can be done by clicking on ?? new message ?? > ?? Picture ?? > ?? ?? All buttons.
This is a feature that lets you view images, documents, files, etc. via e-mail, you send. To add an attachment, click, in your e-mail message, the attachment ?? ?? button sometimes ?? attachement ?? mentioned. Now select the file you want to add to the message. Then click ?? attachment ?? > ?? ?? Send.
Without Basic Input Output System, a computer can not function, because it has all the information of the cofiguratie. BIOS is getting recharged during the startup process of the computer.
Blog is like an online diary, created by an author, which can display information without technical knowledge. Usually the blogger puts a text, but he / she can also add pictures, music or video ?? s page on the sites. For the visitor of the blog is even possible to leave a comment. A blog is free, and the web page you still own leisure.
This is the extension of bitmap, a graphics file format. This file, however, is not widely used because the image is too large and charging takes a long time. POISON and JPG formats are smaller: they load faster, and therefore these files are widely used on the Internet.
A bookmark is the English name of bookmark, also ?? favorites ?? mentioned. The user can add his / her favorite Web in his / her favorites. If you post a page to retrieve very quickly, then you can give the bookmark a name and rank each category.
Peripherals that can burn files to a CD or DVD. This hardware can install either internally or externally on your computer.
A quick way to access the Internet. This can be via ADSL or cable internet.
Source code
Or source code, is a software program rules as they are introduced by a programmer. This is necessary to be able to change the program, often associated with copyrights. In an open source anyone can use and edit code.
Other names browser are: browser, web page as strange, internet explorer and webverkenner. It is a program that can display Web ?? s. The best-known browsers are Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, and Google Chrome.
If the computer is booted completely, then it is the first image that the user sees on the computer screen his / her desktop. From there you can work with all programs ?? s. Through the control panel ?? ?? it is possible to display a desktop, a personal touch.


This is the container of ink, also called cartridge.
Does Carbon Copy. In ancient times, a letter was drawn double. This could be through carbon paper between the two printing / writing paper to explain. After drawing was obtained one original and one duplicate or copy, hence the name carbon copy. The letter was left ?? CC ?? also tapped the name / written by the person who received the copy. If you want to send a copy to someone via e-mail, you put the address in the CC.
This is talk to people on the Internet. This can be done via Messenger, but you can also chat in a chat room: a place on a website where you could chat anonymously. Since a chat master will keep the chat box in the eye. He will also ensure that each user, the language and observe the rules.
Content Management System is a software which is used for the management of the content of a website. This software is recommended to anyone who leaves develop a new site because it makes managing the site much easier.
Also known as ?? zipping ?? and compression ?? ?? is a method by which one can reduce files, packaging.
Computer Administrator
A type of user account ?? ?? which allows you to make some major changes in Windows on the computer.
Configuration is mostly automatic, and that is no luxury, because everything has to function normally. Sometimes you have to set some software manually or make an alteration in the operating system.
This is a small file that is stored by the server of the visited website on the user's computer system. The relevant website will also store a code so you can identify the visitor in the future. Sometimes this can be useful for the user, because with an upcoming visit to the website, you do not, for example username and password more typing, logging etc.
Creative Commons
License Form which ensures that copyrighted work, for some purposes of reuse can be released. The protection that copyright provides them is therefore not specified.


Dial-up connection
This is a temporary connection from your computer to an Internet provider, so you get access to the Internet. Only with the aid of an existing telephone line, modem, computer, and communications software such connection can be established.
This is a very safe little device, which ensures that you can safely with confidence banking on the internet. Internet banking is not free at all banks and the Digipass must be purchased at some institutions.
Disclaimers typically at the bottom of an email or web page. They are present to alert the reader to the fact that no rights to representation or content. It indicates if it were all the responsibilities off.
Domain Name
A domain is have their own territory on the Internet and each domain has a unique Internet address associated with an IP number. This song is very long and you can not see him in the domain name, but the number is certainly linked to the name. The Internet address name consists of two parts, the name and an extension; Example: ?? info article ?? Here's the name and ??. ?? be is the extension. The full web address will be here. The URL can always be found in the browser of the Web page.
In Windows, called a controller. It is software that allows the operating system of the PC and peripherals such as a printer, to communicate with each other.


E- Commerce
Is a collective name of all the ways that can be operated via computer trading: handling business over the Internet.
Is a way to connect computers and peripherals to each other so that they form a wired network. The Ethernet technology has long been used for 'Local Area Network'
Is a site or part of a site that has been closed. It can be used only by a particular target group. For example existing customers, staff, partners, etc.


Frequently asked questions ?? frequently asked questions. It is a useful page that make available some websites, this is for the client or new visitors.
A program that monitors all incoming and outgoing files from a PC, in order to stop hackers and viruses.
Fire Wire
Transfers data from the computer to peripherals.
A plug-in for animation and movie on a Web page. Published by Macromedia, a subsidiary of Adobe. Microsoft Silverlight brought via an alternative to flash on the market.


There are several people in the family who want to use dezefde computer, you can share your PC by creating user accounts. So everyone has their own desktop and access his personal folders and files.
It stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a graphic file format for storing a digital image. A POISON is basically a compressed file that it occupies less space. It is a widely used format for placing drawings and images on the web. You can also poison with a cartoon by storing multiple images in succession in the same file.


Cracker or burglar on computers and networks.
Hard Drive
This is the long term memory of the computer.
Hosting Provider
A company offering facilities or services such as website hosting, this is a space that can be hired by the company for posting on a website.
Hypertext Markup Language is a language for writing internet pages ?? s. It is platform independent, so any computer can view the page. It can be text, color, sound and even video images combined with each other. There may also be used links to other websites.
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the system to Html ?? ?? s page to send over the web.


Information - and Communication Technology: is mainly engaged in information systems, telecommunications and computers
This is a private site, closed to employees, regular customers or partners of a company.
Internet Service Provider. An internet company that offers Internet access, allowing you to surf the Internet and to send and receive e-mail messages.
IP address
On a network is used a fixed structure of communication. This is called a network protocol. If so, there is a local network connected to the Internet this is called TCP / IP
  • TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol will monitor the transfer of data: files that people send over a network is split into small TCP packets. These contain data and information on the sender and receiver.
  • IP or Internet Protocol provides for the transport of the TCP packets.

Both the sender and receiver must have an IP address. These are always four digits with a dot between. The IP address can be found in the computer by clicking Start ?? ?? > ?? ?? Perform. Enter the letters in the dialog cmd ?? ?? and click ok ?? ??. From the new window ipconfig ?? ?? And press Enter ?? ??. The IP address will appear in the text. To exit, type exit ?? ??, press Enter.


It is a graphics file format in which the image has been compressed so that it gives less space required. The extension for images is a handy format that is widely used on the Internet. The full name of JPG or JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group.
A programming language for websites based on the programming language C ++ and developed by Sun Microsystems. It is platform independent so that almost all computers that language post.


Local Area Network is a computer network within a limited area such as inside a building. Use to communicate internally and peripheral sharing.


Malicious software is the collective name for all types of software that are very threatening for computer viruses, spyware, phishing etc.
You need a modem to access the Internet. It is a device that transmits data via a telephone line or other lines
Motion Picture Expert Group 1 Layer 3, is an interesting format for music files, because of the small size of the files. They can directly be downloaded over the internet and are especially popular with young people. WMA is an alternative to the Mp3. It is specially designed to make the files more compact and qualitatively similar to the Mp3.


One speaks sometimes about a network adapter or network interface adapter, but the correct name of a NIC NIC Network Interface Card is an internal component of a computer. On a network is a cable input for a UTP cable. The NIC then connects the computer to the ITP cable. The cable traffic that passes through the cable used a technology which is called Ethernet.


Opensourcesoftwares or open source software
Computer software such as PDF Creator, whose look in the source code and change is.


PDF files
This is a standard format for documents on the Internet. These files can be identified by the .pdf extension. To read these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF documents you can create using free open source software such as PDF Creator.
This is a term from the security world. Criminals try shrewdly users' personal information to pry such as bank codes, passwords, etc. For example, through a fake email.
An image component, the base component of a digital image.
External program that provides additional functionality to an existing program.
A computer outlet in which you insert the plugs of your peripherals.


Qwerty is not the brand but the name of the type of keyboard. The name comes from the first six letters that you can read on the keyboard and it is usually used for the English language.


Short-term memory of the computer.
Devices that can connect to the computer: printer, scanner etc.
The clarity and definition of a digital image, display or printer. The higher the number, the better the quality.
Is a device or hardware which connects networks together.
Really Simple Syndication is based on the XML programming language and is used primarily for blogs. It indeed allows you to keep abreast of the updates to a blog. Such an update arrives via an RSS feed, and this one reads with an RSS reader.


Software as a Service: offering software as a service over the Internet. One goes so hiring software without the need to install it on your own computer.
A computer that manages the network elements. The mail server of your ISP gives your emails and send your e-mails.
Software that you can download for free for a trial period. After this free trial period you must decide if you buy this software.
Unsolicited e-mail or unsolicited advertising via e-mail.
A program that records the user's Internet surfing habits secretly.
System Registry
A database that keeps ?? s what programs are installed on the computer.


Trojan or Trojan horse
It is a computer with malicious intent. It presents itself as useful software, but once installed, it sends personal information from your computer to third parties.


Uniform Resource Locator is a Web address. It stands for a domain name and ends with a point. The first part is HyperText Transport Protocol followed by World Wide. Web For example: his. The URL can always be found in the browser of the Web page.


Search Engine
A website that searches the Internet for page ?? s about a particular topic. Known search engines include AltaVista, Dogpile, Excite, Google, Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, Yahoo, Webcrawler etc.
Search engine
Software always afsurft the web, looking for changes on page ?? s or page ?? s. Is one of the elements of sites like Google.