Cataract eye disease symptoms, causes and treatment

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Cataract is an eye problem that could cause a lot of discomfort. Your lens will gradually darken and your vision may be hazy through. That blurring of vision is partly in people with diabetes and in people who have had previous eye problems. Older people also are at risk, as are people who have to take the drug cortisone over a long period. The most effective treatment against cataract is an operation using a technique, which ensures that there is no new clouding of the lens can occur more. An overview of the symptoms, causes and treatment of eye disease cataract.

What is cataract?

Cataract is an eye disease where the lens clouding, and this in a gradual fashion. In the majority of cases of cataracts both eyes are affected. The turbidity worsens gradually, and makes sure that the light is less and less penetrates to the retina. If you suffer from cataract gets, the quality of your vision is less and less, and it's like you see things through a haze of fog.

Symptoms cataract

The gradual clouding of the lens ensures that you get more and more problems with glare. That blindness occurs especially when the sun shines. In places that are poorly lit, you go get it increasingly difficult to distinguish colors. If you drive in darkness with the car, you also have a high risk of glare. Another symptom is that you get it difficult to identify people who are at a reasonable distance from you.

Causes Cataract

Cataract may have heelwat causes, of which diabetes is one of the best known. Further, certain drugs such as cortisone play a major role in the cataracts. A high-risk for getting cataracts are people who have had a previous injury or surgery have had to the eye. In older people anyway increases the risk of cataracts; in that case, making the first signs themselves known about the age of 65 years.

Cataract treatment

By cataract is not treated with drugs alone possible. Therefore, the only effective treatment against cataract is an intervention. The traditional surgery is a surgery in which the clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens. In this operation, the diseased lens is crushed and taken away, after which it is replaced by an artificial lens. This surgery usually takes less than half an hour and is done under local anesthesia. After surgery you or still take quite a while eye drops. The disadvantage of this operation is that there is again a clouding of the lens may occur, after which you must be operated again.

Eye surgery of King Albert II of Belgium

Latest technology
Nowadays, a new technology available for this operation, causing a new clouding of the eye is prevented. The operation based on this technology was developed in Belgium and has been performed many times. In this technique, the capsular bag in which the lens of the eye is, pushed into the new artificial lens. This allows the cells have no room to grow again and provide weather for cloudiness.
No new opacities more
When this technique is performed minutely, there may be no new opacities more rise to the lens. This operation requires a lot of precision by the surgeon, but it has had the effect of very satisfactory results. One of the most famous people who have been operated in this way, King Albert II of Belgium.