Causes and treatments for tendonitis

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Tendonitis also called tendon inflammation is an inflammation of the tendons. The tendons are the connections between the muscles of the body. The tendons are mainly at the end of the muscles that makes the connection with the bone. If it is lit, there is a tendonitis.


The inflammation of the tendon usually occurs in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, or knee. The location of the pain stimulus can usually be precisely designated. However, a tendon inflammation at any point of connection between the muscles and the body take place.


There are several causes of tendinitis.
  • Overcharge
  • Length difference in the legs
  • Deviation in the feet
  • Wrong moves
  • Unstable joints
  • Bone decalcification

Tendonitis that occurs when an overload is mainly due to the overuse of a muscle. Through many repetitions or load many of the muscle can lead to tendonitis. The human body reaches the age over forty can prevent unstable joints, including the risk of bone decalcification increases. These factors may increase the risk of tendonitis. The leg length discrepancy in the human body or a foot deformity are causes that can contribute to tendonitis. Also, rheumatism, in some cases to play a role in this condition.


Tendonitis may resemble bursitis. Bursa is a cushion of fluid between the tendon and bone. The causes of bursitis are overloaded or an injury. Because of this they are quite similar to that they are always connected. In both cases, there is a treed swelling of the muscle. The difference between the two lies in the pain you feel. Bursitis is a mild dull ache while a more sharp pain experience when tendonitis. The infections often occur well at a time.


The symptoms in order to identify an inflammation of the tendons are:
  • Pain
  • Slight swelling
  • Warm skin at the site of inflammation
  • Stiffness at the site of inflammation
  • Light creaking or grinding noise audible from the tendon.


Tendonitis eventually heals by itself. This often takes a long time because the muscle with which he is connected is constantly in motion. You can choose to display a doctor an injection at the site of the inflammation. The injection is an anti-inflammatory which speeds up the repair process. Also, exercise can help to prevent further inflammation or joint problems. It may also be that the tendinitis should be treated surgically, this is done on referral from the doctor.

What can you do?

Cooling of a muscle or group of muscles in combination of peace can accelerate recovery from tendonitis. It is important that you have the muscle slightly keeps moving to prevent stiffening. in some cases may be related, painkillers or a massage to contribute for reducing the pain.