CD Review: Midnight Syndicate - The Dead Matter

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'The Dead Matter' is the latest instrumental album of Midnight Syndicate collective. The music heard beautiful home in the horror vein and various songs will also be used in the new movie by Midnight Syndicate itself ...

Midnight Syndicate

The Dead Matter - Cemetery Gates
  • Label: Midnight Syndicate
  • No .: MS1010-CD
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Midnight Syndicate Who does not know, will probably be surprised to hear that the instrumental music of this collective in many places is heard. Midnight Syndicate has indeed refer to themselves specializes in writing of single soundtracks usually fit in the horror vein and usually not directly to a specific story or a particular film. Yes, the soundtrack of Dungeons & Dragons is definitely written to that role in mind, and an album like The 13th Hour does to the stories of HP Lovecraft thought, but until February 2008 Midnight Syndicate of the albums were never official soundtracks. Who songs writes which are rotated throughout the United States during Halloween, the speakers are hunted in dozens of haunted houses and by great metal bands like King Diamond used to warm up the audience, however, it is also to be allowed to make music for a own movie. Early this year the time had come when The Rage came out, the music for the same picture, and now has Midnight Syndicate even its own movie finished. That they should also write the soundtrack itself was obvious.
At GenCon, the biggest role play convention in the world, we could see a temporary trailer of the film. Which was not made with the biggest budget, but with actors like Andrew Divoff, who was also to be seen in The Rage, Jason Carter and Tom Savini, director Edward Douglas also a number of people recruited who are quite familiar with the real genre fans. If there is also a well-known name as Robert Kurtzman co-produces, you know that the picture will be given the necessary attention. We already got the CD of music with which to discuss.

Film music?

Still, The Dead Matter CD is the soundtrack of the film. The songs fit according to its creators just very good in print, which will probably include several tracks from the music album. Musically makes The Dead Matter slightly less impressed with The Rage, but also this time presents Midnight Syndicate certainly did not disappoint. The emphasis is on ominous synthesizers, menacing, slightly lingering sound landscapes and other song technical elements that underline the excellent genre. Expected so much organ music, as on opener Cathedral Ruins. But a song like The Revenants has a Halloween-like quality, while Nightfall sounds almost fragile, the exciting The Hunt reminiscent of something John Williams could write, Alchemist ?? s Chamber would be an excellent intro for an exciting power metal song, Forging the Scarab evokes the kind of tension of The Terminator movies and Shadow Descend the bass throws open. Among the eighteen tracks in any case to find no real false note.
However, the three bonus songs are interesting, even if only because it is about the three first gothic rock / electro songs that Midnight Syndicate has recorded since 1997. The songs may not be suitable to fill a full plate, but constitute a welcome addition. It's nice to hear again a distorted guitar in the dark Lost, Not Your Savior while adding some energy at the end and also the remix of the Theme to The Dead Matter sounds nice. This is the kind of music that you can run perfect for a party of the Camarilla. Players roleplay Vampire therefore know already what new album definitely belongs in their collection!