Changes: fear or challenge?

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Many people seem to have much trouble with changes that occur in their lives. The one panics, the other is restless and someone else is completely out of his doing. Why is this so? Where did this come from? Why are we afraid of change? It is all explained. Take control of your own life! A bed and breakfast in France. A resort in South Africa between the elephants, lions and giraffes. A lounge bar between the palm trees on the beach in Hawaii. Or a cozy hotel with purebred ?? s cabin in Sweden?

Dream or reality?

How many people are there around with this kind of dreams? There will be people who share these dreams with their surroundings. Others hold these dreams for themselves, perhaps in the hope that it ever becomes reality. How about the one day to get you rush, you leave everything behind and start a new job on the other side of the country. There will undoubtedly be people who dream about. Maybe because they are tired of their current job. Or because they are ready for a new challenge or change. Or because they want to liberate themselves from the straitjacket in which we are all about forced by society. As a rule, this will often remain at dreams. But why?


Well above examples are to be referred to quite extreme. Of course it is not so easy in life to just come and go as you please. Everyone has to deal with obligations, commitments, wanting like security for example because you have a wife, children and / or a house, and so on. But that is not everything. It also has to do with a word that many people make all nervous. Change.
We humans love because normally not change. We want rhythm, regularity, steadiness. Change puts things z ?? s head and makes us insecure. It often brings us off balance. That is also the reason why we humans sometimes certain things but take for granted and just simply swallow, purely to avoid change.
The fear of change not only plays a role in terms of emigration or a new job. Also in the field of love this plays a crucial role. How often you do not hear that someone in a relationship the other ?? who has peed next to the pot ?? forgive? Practically everyone would wonder whether you are good at your head to continue. Probably until you possibly ever get into this position. This situation must be, moreover, not be reduced to a basal conclusion that this is purely has to do with avoidance of change. However, it plays a role. What happens if you decide otherwise? Then you'll probably end up in the Unknown. A black, a field that makes you anxious. You fall into a hole. We choose then often to continue. Keep everything as it was. The old familiar. Blinders on and look ahead.
Everyone has moments when change occurred. Look at the moments of change where you have had a share in. Changes that you have made in your life. To choices you have made in your life. What are the changes you made on good and less good things? What prevails there; the advantages or disadvantages?
Change can feel like a liberation. Sometimes when you do it, it can all feel that way. But I think you have this feeling more often only after some time when you look back, reflecting on situations from the past and present.

Take control

Sometimes dare to choose for yourself in life. Dare to do what's good for you, even if that means change. Dare to chase your dreams and do your best to achieve your goals. Anything is possible as long as you want it. Change is not a dirty word. Put those blinders off!