Cheap flights to Gothenburg

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Ryanair, Air Berlin and Brussels Airlines flies from seven airfields in the Low Countries and its environs to Gothenburg, the ever built by Dutch Swedish city.


Gothenburg was founded in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. The city would become the most important Scandinavian port; also there is in all of Scandinavia found no greater than that of Gothenburg University. To build the city hired the Swedish king in Dutch planners. That'leenden at zichzelf'; the blueprint for the partoon channels of Gothenburg was the same one they had used previously for Batavia. Telling them not there. Apparently the Swedes were very happy because the Dutch continued and gained high esteem; they even got the political power. For a long time the Dutch law applicable in Gothenburg, there was even an attempt to make Dutch the official language of the city. In 1652 the Dutch power ebbs away with the death of the last Dutch director.

The airports of Gothenburg

Gothenburg's 3 airports, in order of importance for the budget traveler that; Gothenburg Saeve Airport and Gothenburg Landvetter. The third airport, Gothenburg City Airport receives in 2008 no flights from the Netherlands, Belgium and the German border.

Cheap flights to Gothenburg Saeve

  • Bremen: Ryanair - Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dortmund; Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dusseldorf: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Cologne / Bonn with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Münster / Osnabrück with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Niederrhein / Weeze with Ryanair

Cheap flights to Gothenburg Landvetter

  • Brussels Intl. with: Brussels Airlines

Gothenburg and RyanAir

Airport Niederrhein / Weeze, one of the departure points to Gothenburg, cited by Ryanair Dusseldorf / Weeze. The fact is that this is not the airport of the city of Düsseldorf, because that is Dusseldorf Airport. The two airports are easy to confuse. Pay attention to the IATA code's airports. One airport called Niederrhein / Weeze, another Düsseldorf Airport. The Dusseldorf / Weeze from RyanAir is Niederrhein / Weeze and not Dusseldorf Airport. Do not you remember? You will not be the first to log on to the wrong airport, marred by RyanAir.

Transport from Gothenburg Saeve Airport

What RyanAir provides better transport from most airports where they land. Often drive there RyanAir buses, also in Gothenburg. The departures of the buses are adapted to the arrival of the aircraft. Gothenburg Saeve located 11 kilometers outside the city, the RyanAir bus takes about half an hour to drop you at the station in the city. There also ride buses to and from the airport.

Transport from Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

This airport is 20 kilometers outside Gothenburg, the Flygbussarna buses bring passengers in about half an hour to the station in Gothenburg. You can also directly from the airport to the city of Borås, travel time also half an hour.
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