Cheapest loan online

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You are looking for the cheapest loan and the lowest rates, but finds it in 2015 not with the big banks. The lowest monthly payments and the lowest interest rate you can just smaller banks. It also appears online borrow money for a lot cheaper. By comparing the loans themselves well online saves you money directly from providers such as Amstelgeld, Giro Credit, Santander or Ribank. But there are more providers of money where you can.

Large home banking is usually more expensive

Research indicates that borrowing from the home bank is relatively expensive. Therefore, the interest rate differentials between different providers are great, some good comparing loans requires. Where revolving credit ?? 10,000 can increase the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive supplier to 9.3%. This is a difference of 930 euros per year.

Cheapest online loan, borrow from the bank at the lowest interest rate

Cheap loan is not easy, because you must do something for it. Choose not for banks that are overly expensive. Research on the internet shows that large banks such as ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank, the banks are not the cheapest loan. Not only is red, there are expensive, but often the personal loan or revolving credit. Probably has to do with the high costs of the branch network. To find the cheapest loan turns out to be much cheaper from other banks and intermediaries, such as:
  • Ribank;
  • MoneYou;
  • Santander;
  • Borrowing-line;
  • Defam;
  • Freo;
  • Directa;
  • Amstelgeld;
  • Giro Credit.

These are providers of a personal loan for your car, boat, vacation, washing machine and so on. That is a loan with a fixed interest rate and a fixed term. You know that in advance how high the monthly payments will be and what is the interest rate.

Compare loans online on the Internet

Compare by internet you can do yourself. Decide how much you want to borrow and for how long. Then explore the sites of banks and lenders that the loan will cost you. It appears to be that hardly prevents a bank across the board of amounts borrowed is also the cheapest or the most expensive. The interest rate is lower as you borrow more, because it covers the administration costs. Moreover, a company that also advertises online usually has a large branch network and can therefore work out cheaper.
There are clear differences in interest rates, especially if you opt for a low interest loan.

Borrow with or without BKR

It is still true that the interest is for a family with an average risk and no negative BKR. If you have a negative BKR registration by late payments, the lender will probably not give the additional credit or charge a higher interest rate. How much extra depends on the provider of loans. To get here in more clarity you do well to request multiple quotes. Compare these quotes with what you've found yourself on the website. Is the requested rate higher than expected, just ask why that is. Often it also helps to prolong the life of the loan. Then reduces the repayment each month and thus the monthly expenses. A drawback is that the loan will take longer.

Borrowing for the renovation of the house

If you want to borrow extra money to remodel your home and decorating, can do so through a mortgage but also through a personal loan. The advantage of this type of borrowing is that the interest you pay is tax deductible. Therefore, the net interest costs are much lower. Moreover, you do not need this loan to the notary, saving costs. You must be able to prove that the loan are also actually entered the house. No later than six months after the closing of the loan has started the renovation. Another advantage of this construction is that the VAT was temporarily reduced the wages of the high VAT rate of 19% for the low VAT rate of 6%. As a reconstruction and renovation are a lot cheaper.

Finally cheapest loan closing in 2015

Find the cheapest loan is not difficult if you know which providers you should be. Always get several quotes before you make your decision to take out a loan and do not just take the first offer pleasure.