Checklist for Small Businesses

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You want to start your own business but do not know where to start? This article discusses the key elements will come forward, where you have to think about when starting your business.

First, stop by the Chamber of Commerce

Find a suitable day for the Chamber of Commerce in your region. Look advance at the Chamber of Commerce site on what region your town / village falls. By default, the Chamber is open from Monday to Friday. What you need to bring?
  • Valid ID
  • Paper and pen
  • Money
  • Required contact details
  • Optional: think of trade as those of you are intending to use. Check the website of the Chamber of Commerce or trade names you do not look too much like existing trade names. Then choose appropriate trade.

During the registration shall be a legal form chosen. Look for this in advance from the Chamber of Commerce website. On the site immediately find the forms you will need to fill the office. When the registration is complete you will have to pay it directly. The amount payable varies by amount but to find an indication again on their website.

Immediately registered with the tax authorities

At the same time you will be registered at the Chamber of Commerce will also be registered with the tax authorities. For the information you will provide information on questions such as:
  • how much turnover you expect to make?
  • how much cost expects to have in the first year?
  • how many clients you expect the first year?
  • take staff employed?
  • you deal with customers in other EU countries?
  • how many hours a week you'll be working in the enterprise?
For detailed questions, please download as the relevant forms for your legal form at the Chamber of Commerce site.

Small business arrangement

This arrangement is especially interesting for people who are working part-time in their venture. The arrangement means that if you start one of the above company and your maximum net of tax ?? 1883 to pay VAT, you satisfy the administrative obligations of the VAT that you can calculate VAT to your customers but it does not need to be paid to the IRS. For more information, please visit the IRS website.

Open business bank account

When starting your business you need a business bank account. But at what bank you can go? Each bank offers corporate packages, with different rates, and are always looking for new clients. Look before you choose a bank on the different websites to compare prices with each other. If you can not immediately find the rates then use the search function on the website. Take into account transaction costs by bank transfer, monthly costs and how many transactions you get for instance offered. After selection you make an appointment with the bank in question and take your enrollment valid identification and your Chamber of Commerce extract it.

Administration and accounting

With your own business, it is obviously necessary that the books and records are kept properly.
Besides issuing invoices, you can keep the records in files of the following if necessary. tabs:
  • All incoming invoices
  • All outgoing invoices
  • All other issues
  • Tips: Put on top of the latest bills and photocopying receipts neatly

    Additional income for students

    Students who qualify for student of the IB group may not exceed an amount per year ?? 13215.83 earn. The revenue included both from employment, pension and from your own company. The stufi that you receive are outside its threshold. So be careful that you in time indicates that you will earn more in the IB group. Please note that you will lose your student besides also your public transport card and must hand.
    Tip: you sit just above the upper limit? Press bijverdien income than by additional spending / investments so that you will not overwrite the amount.