Chelation: remove EDTA infusion successful metal

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Whether we like it or not the body has metal inside that we actually do nothing. The problem is that it is stored in the body through which high concentrations over time may occur with serious consequences for the functioning of the nervous system that entails. What are the consequences and how can an infusion of EDTA Chelation Therapy help in the?

EDTA chelation therapy via infusion

  • What's the matter?
  • History of the therapy
  • Poisoning by metals
  • What can the problems be?
  • Why use Chelation?
  • How do you get it administered?

What's the matter?

The ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, the composite form of carboxylate groups with two connecting four nitrogen atoms. The resulting combination has the ability to grab and hold metal ions. That property of EDTA makes sure that there is found a synthetic way, which metal can be transported from the body by administration of a drip. The aim is that the metal ions are removed from the body via EDTA bond, and it is discharged in a natural way through the puddle.

History of the therapy

The principle of containing ions already been recognized by the Nobel Prize winner A. Werner, after it has been used extensively during 1940-1945. The main question was how can one case of poisoning are treated by chemical or nuclear weapons, so harmful metals are removed from the body. The method of treatment is then further refined in order to treat a lot of people to lead poisoning. In addition, it is often used to remove harmful components from the blood and veins in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Poisoning by metals

Through food but also as a solution for packaging and bereidingsgerei we get plenty of unwanted metal inside. Think of aluminum used in the kitchen such as pans or its packaging. In addition, we can, through diet and tap water all other metals ingest, such as copper, zinc, nickel, iron, mercury, cadmium, and so forth. The body does with most metals absolutely nothing - except for normal levels of iron and zinc ?? However, these can not be effectively discharged. Therefore an accumulation in muscle tissue and organs created so that problems can be caused.

What can the problems be?

Depending on the type of metal the symptoms can be different. Often it has a distorting effect on the functioning of the nerves. That means that send signals through the nerves are disturbed, do not touch or give off just misinformation. It can lead to a painful feeling, tickling while there is no reason to, vague unexplainable disorders, memory loss, confusion, but also diseases like Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis. It is therefore necessary in good time in order to collect an excess of metal in the body by, for example, to apply the therapy.

Why use Chelation?

Because the effects of metal poisoning on the body may be large, it is important to remove the harmful elements. The therapy is specifically designed to assist persons with a demonstrated high metal content through the drain naturally. A build-up of metals in the body ?? which are not to be used naturally ?? only may have a harmful impact. It is therefore important to remove those elements from the body, so that it can operate better and more gradual bodily processes to recover.

How do you get it administered?

In many cases, the treatment consists of a series of thirty infusions, wherein an infusion once or twice a week can be administered. The gain of an infusion takes approximately one and a half hours to complete, before it is completely absorbed into the bloodstream. In the following hours, the administered fluid spread throughout the body, which in many places at once metal ions to the muscles, tissues and organs is extracted. Via the blood flow is removed by the kidneys, so that it leaves the body with the puddle. Be informed further by the Chelatiespecialist about how metals can be removed effectively with you.