Child looking for the secrets of technique

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Throughout the Netherlands it is possible to leave your child in a fun way to learn about technology and chemical experiments. A getaway to remember, especially since the children themselves often can discover how the test works. This makes it not only fun for the children but also learn a lot from it again. Here are some possibilities at a glance.

NEMO, Amsterdam

The largest science center in the Netherlands offering children packed levels with all kinds of DIY activities. By itself to play ?? ?? the activities launched on the theme of science and technology can detect children.
Wrap yourself in a bubble, make your own glue, see a chain reaction in a super great job with balloons, office chairs and bricks, sorting balls in the ball mill and discover why bridges are so strong. This and much more can all be in NEMO. Afterwards you can enjoy on the terrace or play there with the water playground.
Until mid-2009, is the VOC museum ship still moored alongside the Amsterdam NEMO. Alternatively, you can also further combine your visit to NEMO NEMO although your children may not get bored quickly.

Dutch Water Museum, Arnhem

This interactive museum covers all aspects of freshwater in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Discover how locks and pumping stations to prevent floods, walk through the sewers, try to figure out how to create pool of salt water in the water laboratory and have a blast on the water playground.
Again, so many opportunities to explore and learn in a playful way, highly recommended.

Discover Spot, Heemstede / Haarlem

Discover the Spot children can choose from a hundred technical activities ranging from bricklaying using small stones to create a kind of personal mecano, whose products can be taken home. By choosing a wall choose what they want to do every child can choose an activity that suits its own interests. The children are supervised by professionals or volunteers. Unfortunately visit only on Wednesday afternoons.

Ontdekhoek, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Zwolle and Sittard

Again you can choose in the large workshop choose from approximately thirty different experiments. Discover how heavy boulders fast flowing water can stop, a potato chip can make photos in a darkroom, make fast sailing boats, scented soaps ... it's all possible. Although the entrance is more expensive than access to discover this place be open more often and thus more accessible.

Jeugdlab Utrecht

The University Museum in Utrecht offers children the possibility to explore and experiment. The intent here is that children first get something to see and then can discover for themselves how about one another in the laboratory. Condition is here that you are children under 10 accompanied himself in the experiments. No punishment and so a nice alternative for a getaway.