Child to a childminder or nursery?

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Working parents must pay monthly lot of money to catch up letting the kids. Especially for young children up to four years should be paid a lot because they do not go to school. A well regulated child care brings a lot of relaxation for parents. It is common that both parents work. Today there are more and more parents who both work part-time, so there is minimal care should be arranged for the children. Three days bring your child to daycare, you soon 700 to 900 euros per month. , You will get back a portion. There are different options for childcare. Often using grandparents for part of the shelter. Grandparents often take pleasure in this and help their children. If this is not possible, you can choose between a babysitter, childminder and a nursery. Childcare costs on average between 5 euros per hour for childminders and 6.25 euros per hour for a nursery.

Nursemaids at home

A solution that offers a lot of convenience, a babysitter at home. At the moment you have to come off the nanny and it starts again when one of the parents gets home. If you need to make extensive use of a babysitter, you can even consider an au pair. Both solutions incur high costs on which you receive no compensation from the tax authorities. The advantage is that your child can be accommodated in their own environment. A major disadvantage of an au pair is that it will stay in your home. This is a large infestation of your private life.


A childminder provides a small shelter where there is a lot of time and attention to your child. In some cases there are multiple children so it is not lonely for your child. A childminder has the advantage that it is often more flexible than a nursery. As a disadvantage, you can call that you are dependent on the scavenging childminder. He or she is ill, then you should start looking for another solution.


A nursery is a professional reception with leaders who have a pedagogical training. There are several children and lots of toys to play with. The downside is that there is often too little attention to the children because they have no time for that. They are large groups with the leaders at some nurseries may not give much attention. The big advantage is that children can get used to the situation as it is at school from the age of four

What is the cost of child care per month?

The costs are partially offset by tax provisions of the Tax Office. You namely entitled to childcare allowance. The employer also takes a portion of the costs thereof. The costs that remain are highly dependent on your own situation. The sixth part is the fixed amount you have to pay yourself. Of the remainder to pay a portion depending on your family income, childcare expenses and the number of children who need to use the shelter. The amount you can get an allowance is capped over. The rates that count centers will generally not exceed the maximum amount on which fee will follow the tax authorities.
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