Childbirth: The last permitted birth centers

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Childbirth: The last permitted birth centers

The first houses of birth may open by 2016. They will give birth in a hospital environment within the hospital. The experiment will last two years.

It took 18 months before the decree authorizing birthing appear in the Official Gazette. The law authorizing these structures was enacted December 6, 2013, the decree dated 1 August 2015.

And he'll have to wait a few months before the official launch. The list of future birth centers, authorized to operate, will be published in December. The experiment will therefore be launched in 2016.

A less medicalized childbirth

What is it about ? These houses of birth, directed and staffed by midwives, are designed to follow "physiological" pregnancy, that is to say taking place without any particular difficulty. Childbirth is the least medicalized possible. The mother gives birth in the position it wishes and without epidural.

For security reasons, the order of 1 August, however, states that the structure must be "contiguous" a hospital, specifically "without public road to cross." It is able to transfer the mother and child, as soon as possible, in an emergency, to a specialized service.

The expectant mother must, however, and required, to enter a pre-anesthetic consultation at the hospital. In this way, the institution holds all the necessary information when needed.

Similarly, the house of birth is required to perform neonatal hearing screening and a number of diseases by sampling a heel drop of blood of the newborn.

Well advanced projects

Birth centers are, for the time allowed on an experimental basis for two years. A number of projects are already well advanced, particularly in Paris, Marseille and Nancy. These structures are grouped in the Collective for birthing. Since August 1, their horizon clears.