Children often do not eat the right foods

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Regularly report on nutrition for children. The expectation is that many children in the future will get overweight which is caused by too much and too often wrong diet at an early age. Concerned parents are especially worried that their child does not get enough nutrition. Usually this is not the case, but many children do not get the right food inside leaving them as they get older deficits or very quickly to increase weight. What is proper nutrition for the young child?

The young child

Once the child is not breast or bottle feeding more get and slowly changing to solid foods is already difficult to get the right diet choose to stellen.Jonge parents sometimes for not too much to hold on to hard times but to go along with the hunger needs of the child. If the child gets hungry it will indicate this as they think. Yet it is wise to opt for three solid meals a day and up to four times a day between meals. Especially variety in fruits and vegetables is important. This means that the child gets sufficient vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the inside that are necessary for a healthy structure of the body and a good mental functioning. Potatoes are contrary to what is often thought to be healthy children and this can be a best replaced several times by French fries. However, this must not become a daily habit. Alternating with rice, pasta and legumes are important. Give the young child not only white bread but try to gradually also encourage you opt for wholemeal bread. Which foods are important for the growth?
  • Fluid
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Milk and milk products.
  • Bread and cake
  • Meat

Teach the child as quickly as possible that plain water is healthy. Fruit juice is very tasty but it does contain a lot of sugar and therefore it is good to limit it a little. If one wants to take light fruit juice then this may be but beware of cyclamate. Since a young child is not too much to get inside. But we have to make sure that the child gets enough moisture inside.
Teach the child early to eat fruit. However, this may also be replaced by a small tomato or carrot. The fruit should be ripe and always crops.
Vegetables need every child. They include vitamins, minerals and especially vitamin C. This is necessary for a good build-up of the body. Vegetables are also important as an antioxidant. They protect against diseases. Keeping Children generally not as much of vegetables. Therefore, we are trying to hide the vegetables in a thin sauce or under a breeze. Some children do want to eat raw vegetables. Applesauce is not a substitute for vegetables but falls under the category of fruit. If there is not too much sugar is added then this can serve as a by-product. It is important that parents set a good example and regularly choose another vegetable that they teach the child that fruit is delicious.
 Milk and milk products
The child needs milk and dairy products are excellent, but not in excessive quantities. Ensure that there is not too much sugar and fat in the milk. It is best to choose low-fat milk or buttermilk. Two or three cups a day voldoende.Magere yoghurt is also excellent and the kids usually like it. With sweet desserts careful that the sugar content is not too high.
The young child does have meat are necessary but not in large quantities and not too greasy. We can think of a tartar or lean ground beef. But also a piece of chicken is delicious and healthy. Here, too, variety is important. Many parents give the child liver pate on bread. This is possible but should not become a daily habit.
 Bread and cake
Bread is also healthy for the young child. It is best wholemeal bread but it may vary. A slice of gingerbread as a snack is not unhealthy. Swap it with a rice cake. Fiber needs child bread and ensures good digestion.

 Crisps and snacks

Try eating crisps and snacks can not be explained to a daily activity but do this only as a treat at the weekend. The famous cube of cheese is not as good as a snack. It contains a lot of fat and inhibits appetite.

 What are the proper nutrition moments

  • Breakfast
  • snack
  • lunch
  • snack
  • evening meal

If one is to set times trying to keep the child will eat during meals. It teaches this way also that it is not good to eat all day and drink. In many families do you see nowadays that children candy from a cupboard or drawer may take when they play with boyfriends or girlfriends. This is perhaps hospitable but not advisable because the child gets too much sugar in and then no longer hungry at mealtime.
 The breakfast
Sometimes parents choose for an easy breakfast and they give the child a board pap.Maar it is much better to prepare brown bread. Here some tea or a cup of skim milk and a piece of fruit. The child will go after such a breakfast not to school hungry or playroom and provisionally not feel like getting into other things. The breakfast for the young child is very important because it gives energy.
As a snack can be chosen for a wholemeal biscuit and young children may be a breadstick. A rice cake is a good snack complemented by a cup of drink.
If the child uses at home for lunch, it is important to dress this cozy atmosphere. Take a rest from there. A delicious brown bread topped with some cold cuts or peanut butter and the other half with tomato and cucumber is cozy. A bowl of fruit there with a cup of skim milk is sufficient. Sweets on bread can safely be given if not in excessive quantities. Many people choose pate but this is not very healthy.
"afternoon a plate of fruit can be given and a glass of tea. One extra biscuit never hurt anybody.
 Evening Meal
The hot meal is the last meal before bedtime. We can then give 1 or 2 potatoes with 2 grams of vegetables. This is a piece of lean meat or fish and a little yogurt for dessert.

 Young school-aged child

Children who go to school at a fixed time their 10 hour. Today we appear continuous schedule in primary schools so that children also see each other for lunch. This is for the child a fixed time, and it could provide encouragement for the child to join with others to lunch. But what we give them to the child's school? It is important that the child bread, fruit and a drink gets to school which also variation is again very important.

 Birthday parties and celebrations

It is striking how young children's parties today visits. Birthdays of classmates, friends in the neighborhood and make the family events that children sometimes weekly attend a game. This is in addition to the delicacies that will be distributed at school. Very nice course. But we think of something the child at this social gathering to eat all get extra? It is not surprising if the child during meals does not feel like eating.


If we look at today's program of young children, we see that the children are exposed to many temptations. Besides taking daily school programs and parties and celebrations also young children in activities such as swimming, dance groups or gym. This makes the child obviously tired. When we are tired we have less or no appetite and that is especially in young children also apply. Therefore, it is important to build in pauses in the daily routine of the child. For a child it is nice to help in preparing the meal. Deck along the cozy table also prepares the child for the meal. Parents decide what the child eats, but the amount may itself determine. Every child is different and just as with adults, there are big and small eaters. But if the child is growing well and is lively, while we know that we have offered the proper nutrition then we need not worry.