Children's - packs unpack a game

Health oroboreal August 7, 2016 1 0
Every time at a children's party, the question is how the year is going to unpack the presents little. Sometimes children can give their kadotje ordinary, but it is much more fun to invent games around it?

The balloon-question game

  • Balloons,
  • Small pieces of paper with questions on it,
  • Lancing device or needle.

The game;
At each inflated balloon is a piece of paper containing a question. All children sitting in a circle and one by one they agreed on a balloon will puncture. If they answer the question properly, they can give their kadotje.

Parcels hide

All children should pack their hiding somewhere in a room. For this you can only take the living room or playroom, but part of the house or the garden is always fun. Now that the year should look for the packages. When he found them he can unpack them. This game is enjoyable with a small group, otherwise they have to wait so long.

Under the blanket

When the children arrive at the party, they all put their kadotje under a blanket or sheet. If there is anyone they sit in the circle and to wake the old one of the presents gently under the blanket away. He must guess from whom it comes. Is he good, he can unpack it. Also, this game is most enjoyable with not too many children, otherwise it will be very difficult.

Forfeit property

Each child makes his kadotje in on entry to the party. Advance all papers with assignments made. If all the children sit in a circle, reads the old one of the commands. If anyone thinks that he can, he can do the job. Succeeds, he may give the year its kadotje. Is not one of the kids who thinks he can do a job, the old person may nominate than he thinks he can.