Choosing the right white balance

Entertainment AlexCapownt December 9, 2016 0 5
You recognize it might be; you're on vacation and you see a wonderful subject where you want to make a picture. You reach for your digital camera and take the picture. To your amazement, the picture is completely removed in a strange color, usually yellow or blue. All of this has to do with the white balance. With this guide, I will teach you how to better deal with your white balance and never more beautiful photos without missing.

What exactly is white balance?

White balance is a setting of your camera that is about the so-called color temperature. By adjusting the white balance you actually choose a color temperature that matches the color of the light source. In many people this is set to automatically and there's nothing wrong with that. Yet it would still sometimes go wrong. An example where this is often wrong in going with pictures where snow comes with it, this strikes mostly all blue in the photo. The nice thing is that it is actually no fault of your camera, but your own brain! A camera is able to capture colors perfect, only we are not. When snow instance the camera shows the bluish snow again. This is because the snow is actually blue! The blue light from the sky is reflected on the snow and our camera places it firmly, but our brains are fooled because we expect that snow is white, so we see it that way.

Choosing the right white balance

Manufacturers have made it very easy for us to choose the white balance by adding an automatic option. Yet the manual setup also not difficult, because there are a few pre-set scenes at. Often the following scenes: sunny, fluorescent, daylight, flash, cloudy and shade. Still, you can choose to set the white balance all by themselves, for, among other creative applications. For example if you set a very high color temperature at a sunset, warm from sunlight is very strengthened and that can create a strong dramatic effect. The color temperature is measured on the Kelvin scale. The following table can help you select the correct white balance to the correct light source.
Overall 5500 - 5800 K by an establishment meeting in most lighting situations, but it is wise to review this every situation. The most important thing in order to take a picture, such as you saw him at that time is to adjust the white balance to the light source of that situation.

Other option

In addition to the manual setup or make use of a pre-programmed setting, there is still an option. You can also use a picture of a given situation and light the light of those pictures set a baseline for the rest of your photo. This is very fun to play with but it is quite advanced. Consult the manual of your camera to do this.