Christmas lights all year round

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Christmas lighting is pleasant but short-lived. Some tips to use Christmas lights throughout the year in and around the house. Every now and then you see all the people to the Christmas lights used permanently, but really is not established yet. You hear some people, wrongly, sometimes make jokes about. But how important is that, if you find yourself beautiful. Here are some tips for permanent use of Christmas lights and let your own creativity also agreed on the loose.

Lighting the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is annually decorated with colored or white lights that are laid in strings by the tree. What can you do more with Christmas lights?
  • Buy in the store or at the flea market a tall glass vase. Place a layer of marbles or beads on the bottom and begin to drape the string of Christmas lights. Throw every time beads or marbles in, though it seems that the string of Christmas lights is a way through the glass vase with marbles or beads. All the lights on the string of Christmas lights should sit in the glass vase and marbles or beads filled to the brim. The tip goes over the edge of the vase and the plug in the socket.
  • For many light white beads with white light nice for a mysterious image are white beads with colored lights beautiful. Light marbles are the most beautiful with white light. The many colors of the marbles pass the white light bright rainbow colors
  • In many stores you see today ?? plastic twists ?? which are decorative between large plants. The coils can be wrapped with Christmas lights and at the bottom you put the enveloping branches with a piece of tape. Plug this twists between large branches of a plant or just a ground cover in the pot.
  • Is the outdoor christmas lights you can do the same also with a plant in the garden in a pot or the ground. In a pot, it is also nice next to the front door.
  • Big candleholder which is discarded by a light string can wrap around it in the color of the candle display service. Outside Standards with oil lighting can be with outside Christmas decorations for outside opgeleukt same way
  • Mirrors with large lists around it can also get a special effect by fixing a light string on the back edge of the frame. The lights should fall behind the big list thereby giving indirect light. For the functional of a mirror is white light is best, but purely as a decorative colored lighting can be beautiful. Combine the color lighting or to put in the same room with trinkets of the same color down. It is more than a whole
  • To get indirect light in the living room or bedroom can also serve Christmas lights. Make the top edge of the walls a kind of valance painted wood, lay behind this edge the light string and you have created indirect light.


If you like all the years that dares to keep, do you have any time a whole collection. Dare there throughout the year also have some fun doing it!