Christmas Tree: What is the most suitable tree?

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While Christmas is placed a Christmas tree that is decorated with balls, candles, lights, garlands, et cetera. Often a nativity scene placed below some families buy gifts that are distributed on Christmas Day. But which tree is best suited to place in the home? Take a fir, a pine or maybe an artificial tree?

History of Christmas

While the Christmas tree actually has nothing to do with the Christian Christmas has a long tradition. Possibly they would all be placed in the Romantic era, but at least it came in the 19th century from Germany to the Netherlands. In principle, the Christians did not want to put the Christmas tree, because of the irrelevant within the Christian faith, but it is the Reveil which the Christmas tree brought in the Netherlands.
The Christmas tree was seen as "light" to spread the gospel and to support the poor. Also referred as the Catholic Church towards the unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Den versus spruce

A distinction is made between Picea and Abies. Among the Picea drop the Blue Spruce, Serbian Spruce, and ordinary spruce. Among the Abies drop Nordmann, the Noble Fir, the Fir and the Korean Fir. The Abies is actually really called a spar while Picea actually a den.
The den has hanging needles and these pricks more. The needles are directed downwards. Fir needles are blunt and upright. These needles are also less prickly.

Tree Species

  • The Norway spruce: Very popular, but still quite a lot of needle loss.
  • The Blue Spruce: Little needle loss.
  • Douglas fir.
  • The Nordmann: Dark green coniferous tree with little downtime. The tree may grow significantly if you put it after Christmas garden plant.
  • The Serbian spruce: Narrow and compact fir tree with drooping branches. The tree looks bluish by the slightly blue bottom. In the garden it is about 8-10 meters high. Needle point less than the Norway spruce.
  • The Fir: good needle retention, green blue color. This fir has often erect cones.
  • The Noble Fir: This has soft needles and needle almost no downtime. The branches of the Noble Fir are commonly used in Christmas arrangements.
  • Korean Fir: Little needle point, with softer needles. This fir has cones.

Finally, there is the artificial Christmas tree, which is made of plastic with a metal frame. With a spray can the smell of Christmas trees can be awakened.

Practical tips

First, go always after the big Christmas tree can be which you place in your home. The tree is not too high or too wide? Can there be another peak on the tree? If you cut the top, the tree will cease to grow.
If many needles fall off the tree is already older, less fresh and crisp. But if the trees the needles are better maintained, which means it is often more expensive tree.
  • Shake the tree in order to determine whether any failure many needles.
  • Go with a hand along a branch to determine how many needles fall off.

  • Grown in pots: Retain needles better.
  • With solid root ball: Retain needles better.
  • Clod root in saggy sack: Difficulty getting water and thus more needle failure
  • Little ground: Difficulty getting water and thus more needle loss.
  • Without land Trouble getting water and thus more needle loss.
  • Trite: Difficulty getting water and thus more needle loss.

Christmas tree burning

At the end of Christmas, after Nieuwsjaarsdag, often held a Christmas tree burning. The trees are then collected and piled on a common place. Then the trees are lit, in front of the fire.