Colic: cramp attack in the abdomen, nausea and diarrhea

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Having a strong contraction in the stomach, can cause great pain. The condition may return regularly to baby ?? s and adults, so they have a lot of nuisance it. The baby does not sleep or cries and the person will sit uncomfortable or lie. It gives a sickening feeling, next to which there may be vomiting or diarrhea regularly. What is colic in and where it is due?


  • Symptoms of the condition
  • Colic
  • Cramp attack in adults
  • What to do?

Symptoms of the condition

Abdominal pain can occur in varying degrees. If it occurs briefly but regularly, then it falls under the heading of colic. It means that temporarily an unpleasant feeling caused by the formation of a temporary blockage. This can have various causes, but results in painful attacks. Consider moving uncomfortable, sit or lie down. In addition, it is accompanied by nausea and may lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Often, the pain to disappear again after a short period, after which it again falls at a later moment.


Newborn baby ?? s have initially still an underdeveloped gut flora, making food less can be processed effectively. The child is often extra sensitive to cow's milk, because proteins are degraded enough. It can lead to colic, because the small intestine is to dissipate the power supply accelerated. In addition, the intestines locally tense, so the child has a painful feeling. It can ensure that the baby is awake regularly or cries constantly. Contact your GP or educational food which is most suitable for the child.

Cramp attack in adults

Predominant stabbing pains in the abdomen are mainly caused by three reasons. Consider the following causes.
Intestinal Cramp
The intestines can locally tense, so that the cross-section of the hollow opening decreases. Often much tension will build up locally by a high acid content in the body. It may make sure that the intestine will squeezing intensive. This will of course also drawn to other tissues, causing additional share has come under strain. In other words, the pain may radiate.
Kidney stones
The kidneys perform partly waste products. This is mainly an excess of minerals and salts. Depending on the concentration levels of these substances can sometimes be hard particles, which gradually grow. Initially it is still grit and can leave the body through the puddle. In a later stage, to large parts and the stabbing remain thereby. In that case the yield stabbing pain, but also give pain when urinating.
In the liver, bile created and is further stored in the gallbladder. The substance is added to processed food after the stomach, so that other necessary materials are removed. In addition to bile remains of red blood cells are also added, called bilirubin. In high concentrations may cause it along with bile into gallstones, causing a blockage caused. It ensures that the person adds enough bile raising essential substances less effectively be removed from the diet. Or we might be tired, wasting next to which the stool may be white, while there are brown smelly puddle.

What to do?

If you regularly stabbing abdominal pain, then there is something wrong. Gallstones or kidney stones can be removed or be crushed. Removal is done through a keyhole surgery, while small pebbles can be reduced by means of a laser. In the case of darmverkrampingen often nothing can be done medically. Sometimes it is caused by a malfunction of the bowel movement, and congested. Is the functioning of the intestines fall out then has to be the reason obsolete, so that action is taken in the right way. To soften the painful episode is often used aspirin or other painkillers.
Solid abdominal pain does not necessarily mean that it is serious. However, the pain can regularly back then there might be something going on. Get informed and send your GP.