Combining motherhood and a private company

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Many young mothers like after the birth of their first child like to continue working, but there are also entirely for their child. This combination is not easy. Especially if the employer requires that his employee fills out a complete job. The conflict is usually already ingrained. Enterprising young mothers often energetic look around at other options.

As a mother start a business

Many mothers have a job and an expensive child care for children. Often pinches that over time, especially if the money is true for a large part of the care of the children. In this situation, one of which features a private company. Most often this is a home business. Some young mothers start an online store, a consulting others or start a word processing or translation agency. Also working independently as a virtual secretary is an opportunity at home to work on the computer at times that suits you.

The benefits of a private company

Working as an independent contractor has its advantages. You decide when you work. Nobody tells you anything. Is your child one day ill, you should contact the doctor or clinic, you can without problems plans. You fill your own agenda and, for example determines when you go on a working visit, keep your records, or possibly visit a fair. In addition, if you are at home working mother always around when your child is sick and also the nice things about educating you all make it close. More than if you had a full time job as a worker.

The disadvantages of their own business

Disadvantages are there also. Thus requires a combination of home work and motherhood careful planning of your activities. Planning should not be too tight, because there should indeed be room to cope with unexpected situations. There must care services for the child, so should be able to count on the partner, parents or paid child care. Another disadvantage is that any problems with your work and their planning should be solved by yourself.

A good business plan is necessary

If you simply want to work from home, you usually do not need much investment and the structure of your business fairly simple. But looking good whether there is a market for the services you want to offer. Find out also what to ask other businesses for which services and go there in the beginning just below seated. You must first build up a name, after all, before you sell your services more expensive.

No complete days

Full keep working is almost not possible in this combination, because the child takes time from you. Especially as baby and toddler is a child at home very laborious and you will come days when you can not work the required time. If the last-born child goes to school once, is coming more structure to your calendar. Only holiday times can then still throw another spanner in the works and should be better planned. School children will also gladly daily come home from school to tell their story to you. It is wise to make there be sure to ten minutes for free and then convert them to their eventual homework.

Good time management is essential for mothers with their own business

Try to fit as many times in each other. You should do for your office errands, visiting a client or bring papers to the post office, which then combine with bringing them to school or pick up the kids. Make ?? evening that everything is already ready for the morning, so getting dressed, eating, and taking them to school as smooth as possible. Combine the administration and ensure that every week keeps you at a certain time. And devote no more time than necessary, but allows the administration not be too long. The invoicing and keeping the accounts must now be done once.

A private business account

If you start a business from home, please include a personal business account with the bank and keep it there for an accounting post. That may very well with the Office Excel program. On the Internet there to find enough information. Technically, a load is separated to better control accounts and it delivers, in practice, also in fewer problems. You also have a better view on what you earn yourself and you can cover the costs of your business with your own income. There is afterwards to better calculate what you earn per year. Your accountant will be happy.

Divide household tasks

If you have a partner, then divide the household chores. Finally, you can not do everything themselves. There is no partner, but you earn well, please household help so that you can transfer the toughest tasks accordingly. If you do not earn enough is of course difficult to do. Try family or friends to turn to you now and then to relieve, your business is going well and you can pay a help yourself.

A private company is also very nice

Independent entrepreneur is also very nice. Small successes stroking your ego. You decide what you do and how much money you can ask your customers for your work. It gives you more confidence. As your children grow, you can also invest more hours in your work. You are not dependent on an employer.