Communicating with patient respiration. App makes possible commicatie

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Mechanically ventilated patients can not speak to the nurse or doctor. A specially developed iPad app makes communication possible. The intensive care unit of the Wilhelmina Hospital, Assen used him.

Nothing can ask the nurse or doctor or tell because you are lying in intensive care on a respirator. For patients it is frightening and the IC staff, that is effectively as possible, it's frustrating. A specially developed app for the iPad can significantly reduce the communication problem.

Communicating via the iPad

,, With this tool, a patient is on a ventilator, still communicate with us, "says Eddy ICverpleegkundige Hollander of the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen. ,, Often someone weak enough to write something. A little tap on the iPad will cost much less power. "Only in the ICU of a hospital, patients are long-term ventilation. They have a tube down their throats and therefore can not talk.


The app was developed by the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen and has recently become available for hospitals. It has themes such as' my feelings', 'my treatment' and 'my care. " A patient can also indicate how much pain he has and where, or state to be sick or suffer from mucus in the throat. The latter is a common complaint among artificial respiration.


Head nurse Roelien Janssen of intensive care in Assen explains that patients more often than in the past are awake while they are on life support. ,, Previously, someone kept on a respirator standard asleep. The policy is precisely to allow people to come in as soon as possible. Because the ventilator is vastly improved, it is possible for a large group of patients to be awake to the ventilator. ''

Not difficult to communicate

Nursing Eddy Dutchman took the initiative for the purchase of the iPad app. ,, I read about it in our magazine and immediately thought: this we must have. It is so difficult when you can not communicate with a patient. Some people have had an accident and come in intensive care. They do not know where they are and why. Such a patient is full of questions, but can not talk. You feel powerless as a nurse if you are unable to understand someone. Through this relatively simple tool that can be solved. "

Patients are given a voice

The Friends of WZA have paid the new tablet and the dedicated app. ,, With this we give a voice to the patient, "says Hollander. He expects that in future patient care in hospitals, much more use is made of computer programs. ,, For very old people work more difficult. But young people are growing up with it. I think that in ten years on all wards computer tools' for personal information exchange. "