Compare Auto Premiums

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A car premium is a premium to be paid to an insurer to insure a car. In the Netherlands it is not allowed to drive uninsured. The minimum requirement is a liability coverage.

Premium car in Netherlands

In recent years, auto premiums have many providers competed. This allowed car owners to benefit from substantial reductions in prices. Meanwhile, ?? partly due to the credit crisis ?? an end to the price war. Online comparator reports that the most expensive auto insurance coverage is still equal to three times more expensive than the cheapest insurance.

Taken difference

With those numbers, the difference between the most expensive and cheapest auto premiums in eight years has risen sharply. When the most expensive premium was about twice as expensive as the cheapest. The widening of this huge difference comes partly because insurers with lower prices to try to win customers, while the contributions of existing products but will be reduced in small sizes. They can not always compete with the low-cost providers.

Different premiums

When comparing auto premiums, the following contributions are distinguished; premium for the liability coverage, premiums for Casco coverage premium for the accident occupants and the premium for legal aid.

Premium for liability coverage

WA is short for third-party liability and the premium also provides coverage against damage for which a motorist is liable, at least, according to the law. When a driver of a car in traffic cause damage to other persons or vehicles which damage is covered by this car premium.

Premium for the coverage Casco

This premium is usually closed to car ?? s between four and eight years old. The insurance covers among others the risk of liability for damage caused by a car to third parties. But also damage to the own car, for example due to fire, theft, burglary, collision with stray animals and birds and broken windows. Also, storm and hail damage covered by this premium.

Premium for the accident passengers

The premium for the accident occupant pays a fixed amount for each passenger who becomes disabled due to an accident or accident or dies. The amounts are set out in a policy. It allows for the payment of the premium whether a driver is or is not guilty not. The cover applies when passengers are in the car, but also for getting in and out and even for the passengers while performing an emergency repair, for example on the highway.

Premium for legal aid

The premium for legal assures the driver of legal aid where there has been a conflict after a collision. This premium not only provides support during a process or trial, but also in other conflicts associated with owning a car. So also legal assistance in prosecution, intake of license or seizure of vehicles covered by this car premium.

Compare Auto Premiums

On the internet there are many options back to compare auto premiums together. For example, on and Closing auto premiums may include at Polis Direct, AllSecur and the ANWB. It does not hurt to advance to compare different auto premiums with each other in order to arrive at the cheapest and most complete.