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Homeopathic remedies are used in various complaints. What homeopathic remedy is most appropriate for a disease, disorder or illness can be found in a list alphabetically. Symptoms and disorders with a, b and c such as hemorrhoids, acne, facial pain, anxiety, sinusitis, blisters, abdominal pain, cholesterol and concentration disorder. Resources in support of self-medication as Hyperisan, Echinaforce, Symphosan, Arnica or Ultricacin, Pollinosan and more.

Complaints and Timely Homeopathic Drugs for various disorders - ABC

Homeopathy - Principles. In the article Classical Homeopathy & Clinical you can find background information on the principles and the development of homeopathy. You will also find there an explanation about the potential ie the difference between, say, D4 and D6 and the difference between tincture and tablets and the like.
Homeopathy - Self-medication. For the following complaints and disorders find each called a tool that is applicable. However, if self-medication with recovery within a certain time limit fails to serve you, even with seemingly innocuous ailments, to go to a doctor. The regular vision or medicine and naturopathic medicine should complement each other and can not be excluded. The overview is behind several complaints and disorders an asterisk. This means that if you suffer from here, you definitely need to have it checked by a doctor or specialist.
Resources and Pregnancy. In the alphabetical list contains a number of resources that should not be used during pregnancy, they are:
  • Lino Force
  • Po-Ho Oil
  • Symphosan

Homeopathic Brands. The following resources are of different brands available. For example, the homeopathic remedies of A. Bird and Flower are known and available in drugstores and pharmacies, among others.

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Homeopathic Resources Complaints and Disorders starting with AB and C

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