Computer Smiley exists 33 years in 2015

Electronic JfreemanMD August 7, 2016 0 2
Since September 19, 2015 the emoticon exists 33 years. The keyboard smiley was born in the 1980s in the United States. And it has become a great success. The inventor is Scott Fahlman. He was inspired by the yellow smiley with black eyes and grinning mouth that as sticker and button from the 1960s conquered the world.

Friendly emoticons

A smiley is a simple picture of a smiling face, hence the name. The concept is also used for similar smiley faces expressing different moods. A smiley ASCII characters is an emoticon. Brief statements by keyboard may arrive frontally. Any non-malicious intent can be difficult to see. The emoticon can be solved this problem. Emoticons are used to give a written message intonation. Handwriting know because neither body nor intonation, which is a serious obstacle is compared with conversations in everyday life. We can now, thanks to Microsoft and other emoticon creators choose from hundreds of variations of the smiley. How many quarrels, disagreements and conflicts which would have prevented the last twenty-five years?

Brief history of the smiley

There claiming to have been three people invented the smiley. In 1963 it was Harvey Ball, who created a yellow button with a smiley face with two eyes and a half circle for a mouth. In 1967, David Stern came up with the idea during a campaign for Washington Mutual. And in 1971 the Frenchman Franklin Loufrani came up with the image coming in a newspaper advertisement.
The figure became popular in the early 1970s, among other things because of the brothers Bernard and Murray Spain. The two made buttons, coffee mugs, t-shirts and many other items emblazoned with the symbol and the slogan "Have a Nice Day". But soon began to take off the craze. In the 80's the smiley came up with acid house and new beat, dance music genres.

Keyboard smiley

At the beginning of the eighties Fahlman came with the KEYPAD-smiley. Communication by computer was then used by a select group of people associated with university computer centers. In one of the conversations, Computer Communication and humor launched
Fahlman in September 1982 the idea of ​​a colon, dash and parenthesis :-) as an indication of a joke. This has become the first emoticon. The ASCII representation of smileys has made the necessary changes and known variations. Some examples are:
  • :-) Or smile or =) happy
  • -D Or grin smile
  • :-( Or sad smile
  • : '- (Or, "(crying
  • :-P Or: P or xD or XD jokingly (P is the tongue) is also often used as something sarcastic aims
  • ;-) Or;) winking
  • - Or, if}} B or -B angry
  • : - | or: | bored
  • : -S Or S confused
  • : -O Or: O surprised

In the course of time were on the computer small graphical emoticons that fit into the current text, more popular, such as blogs, forums or chat applications. Some software later offered the option of a textual smiley automatically convert to a small image with typical emoticon. To circumvent this automatic conversion, the reverse was emoticon "(" entered.