Concept Cars - BMW CS Concept & Concept X1

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The BMW Concept CS was introduced in April 2007 as a study for a four-door. Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to come in the high-end segment with a four-door, the CLS, BMW is now working so well to it. Also with the BMW Concept X1 is looking to fill a niche segment, the X1 is a study of an "SAV": Sports Activity Vehicle.

BMW CS Concept

Recognizable BMW

The Concept CS bears the recognizable BMW signature that uses the German mark since mid '00. Despite the horizontal lines of the car and the new concept, the model has many similarities with various products from model year 2010 as the 7 Series and the X6. Although BMW has announced that the model is designed mainly for the European market, the car is part of an international strategy. The 21-inch alloy wheels, the long, curved lines and extremely long wheelbase car show dynamic. As it befits a contemporary concept car, the BMW Concept CS uses LED lighting technology with ?? reverse projection ?? which means that the light beam by a mirror to a proper shape is formed .. The taillight units are fitted with transparent glass and as a point of recognition the Hoffmeister kink in the C-pillar is also present. The length of the Concept CS is not only suggested by the curves, the car is 5.10 meters long actually, longer than the current BMW 7 Series. With a height of only 1:36 meters, the car is also considerably lower than what is usual in this segment.

Laminated interior

The interior design is functional but of course in view of the potential audience. Luxury is omnipresent but the functionality was not allowed to suffer. The sporty character of the car is also reflected in the seating arrangements: the BMW Concept CS is a true four-seater also with two separate rear seats. Front running it like BMW's early and mid-90s back to the driver. The interior is composed of layers ?? ?? as late as BMW know, so that each group of control elements is a distinctive positioned at a different depth. Searching for the right buttons do as the Germans even more, the interior should be intuitive to operate. The display of information shown with visual depth. Adds atmosphere in the interior ambient lighting ?? ?? mood lighting.

Engines still unknown

Which engines there possibly will come in the BMW Concept CS is not yet known. Possible that BMW will do a hold from the current range of engines from the 7-Series. Given the positioning of the car it is logical that the offer only from hefty V8, V10 or V12 engines will exist and perhaps there is room for a hybrid model. For now it remains to be seen whether or not the model will go into production.

BMW Concept X1

Relatively low for an SUV.

Although BMW speaks of a compact SAV Concept X1 is really not a small one: he is almost 4.5 meters long and over 2 meters wide while the car with a height of just over 1.5 meters is relatively low. Thus, the BMW Concept X1 only ten centimeters higher than a BMW 1 Series. These proportions give the car a dynamic look, as also in the X6 is the case. The emphatic coupévorm, as we see on the X6, however, remains omitted.

Tough design.

Six emphatically placed in a V-shape profile lines dominate the hood. On the side are the angular wheel arches on - finished with a tough black plastic rim. The nose with little overhang, rising beltline and sloping rear cover allows the design of the BMW Concept X1 stretched, but he still carries a typical SUV / SAV signature like the X3 and X5. The back shows a wide tailgate with a large, far down revolving lozenge. The striking golden yellow paint finish ensures a notable reflection of the contours of the body when the light falls on it. The two-tone 19-inch alloy wheels with ten spokes stand out.

Production still unknown, but likely.

More information on the BMW Concept X1 can still wait a while but the chance that he will come is generally considered very high. Indeed rival Audi is currently working on the development of the Q3, a little below the Q5 SUV and a small SUV from Mercedes-Benz are rumors.