Conduct against bullying, intimidation and harassment at work

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Some 500,000 Dutch are regularly bullied at work or suffer other forms of undesirable behavior, such as discrimination and harassment. Mobbing is, systematically and together are hostile against another specific colleague. Larger companies usually establish codes of conduct against such hostilities, partly to investigate complaints adequately.

Mobbing, bullying, discrimination etc.

The constitutional principle that everyone in the Netherlands are in similar cases should be treated, also applies in the workplace. Many companies therefore have a code of conduct against sexual harassment, violence, bullying and discrimination, in order to create a good and stimulating working environment in the company. Such conduct indicates what behaviors are not tolerated within the company and is aimed at fostering a good working atmosphere. Often consulted for this Health & Safety.

Working climate

In a great workplace include mutual respect, respect for other cultures, collegiality and openness to the normal manners. In addition, the Code is intended to protect those who are still victims of harassment or discrimination as well as employees who wish to file a complaint. All employees regardless of their position covered by the Code. So the management, temporary hired labor, trainees, etc.


A code of conduct was also drawn to mobbing, a form of bullying, counter. Under mobbing means any form of systematic hostility directed against a particular colleague. The fellow will end up being ignored and
may fall outside the group. The victim did not succeed to get change in this process. Why do people do this? The victim might otherwise ?? ?? then his or her colleagues ?? s. Whether the victim has a great loyalty to and responsibility for work. This is sometimes perceived as a threat by the close colleagues ?? s.

Consequences of mobbing

What are the consequences / risks for the victim's colleague ?? s and the company? The victim will not function properly. The colleague ?? s may be sick more often than people who have a cozy atmosphere and more mistakes are made. And productivity and customer satisfaction decline.


Anyone who falls under the Code of Conduct and may face at work with harassment or discrimination, whether or not filing through a counselor, a complaint to a complaints commission. A complainant should not be penalized for filing a complaint in his work and in his position in the company. Also witnesses should be protected and should not be prejudiced by the taking of testimony. Anyone that part of the complaint is obviously required to maintain the confidentiality of confidential data.


Often in a company set a counselor who is widely enjoys the trust and is knowledgeable enough in preventing and combating discrimination and harassment. He / she is ao contact for those who face discrimination or harassment within the company. He will receive complaints adequately and seek solutions to the conflict and ensure that the complainant is not disadvantaged by uttering the complaint. Anyone who falls under the code of conduct, is required to allow the counselor to speak and provide information.

Complaint founded

If the complaint, in the opinion of the committee is founded, she recommends a written motivation to the Board on possible measures to be taken. These measures may include the legal status atmosphere: corrective conversation, reprimand, written warning, transfer, dismissal. Obviously these measures are mainly aimed at putting an end to the harassment.


Companies that want to draw up a code of conduct. And also want to set up a complaints committee with confidential, may be matters seek advice from an occupational health service, where the expertise is available.