Confucius Temple and Imperial College in Beijing

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Confucius is venerated over the centuries as a great Chinese philosopher. Parts of contemporary Chinese culture can be traced to his ideas about respect for parents and the people together to hear. The adjacent Imperial College was where mandarins were tested on their knowledge of Confucius. For these reasons, you should have seen these sights!
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Entrance to the Confucius Temple

Confucius Temple

Located on a quiet, tree-lined street is the one-on-largest Confucius Temple China an oasis of calm. Marble stairs lead you to one of the three entrances and the doors have nine rows of nine gold buttons. In this port are around the corner up a number of halberds and see a stone relief with dragons between the steps. In the courtyard are all kinds of identical square buildings. They are so ?? s 20 meters high and each houses a large marble stone with inscriptions that rests on the back of a turtle. Restoration works have not yet struck the inside, so you can see original ceiling decorations. Signs telling you where it is, especially imperial edicts from the 17th and 18th centuries. Around you are old, twisting trees that cast a shadow on the different benches.
On the sides of the square are tall buildings in which exhibitions are with good English about the life of Confucius and its impact on China and the world. The latter degenerates the whole is somewhat telling a story as propaganda proud how many Confucius Institutes are all over the world and how happy everyone is studying his work. There are shown in particular photographs ?? s and objects. More interesting are the different images and a wooden model of the area believed to be the current situation shows, but the whole thing takes a long time for some people who are not Confucius idolized.
In the main hall, to achieve an increase of marble staircases, is more about the way Confucius was worshiped. Musical instruments are lined up and special incense burners. You can also find up wooden tablets with inscriptions on the walls, but by the lack of English explanation is unclear what they say.
Inscriptions on a stone of 190


Between the Temple and College, you will find an impressive collection of rocks. They are arranged in a side building which can be reached by the left of the main hall to take the fire passage. A total of 190 stones that are all inscriptions. They are each so ?? s 2.5 meters high and 30 cm thick. Between the stone carvings of various well-known followers of Confucius. What makes this so special is that 189 stones bearing the text of 13 classic books of Confucius. Each stone is from top to bottom full of characters, although that some clearer than others. In total there are 630.00 characters on the 189 stones. The 190th stone is a statement of the emperor and has pride of place.

Imperial College

The main hall of the Imperial College The establishment of the College is almost the same as the temple in the side buildings you can view exhibits, there are square buildings on the square with marble stones and a hall. The College was built in 1306 by the grandson of Kublai Khan. During the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties College was the best and most important teaching institution in the country.
The square main hall button with gold on the roof is surrounded by a pond. Marble bridges take you to the hall. Inside is an imperial throne from where the Emperor gave explanations about the classics of Confucius to the thousands gathered students, professors and officers. Behind the hall have a marble sundial and a statue of Confucius.
The most impressive attraction is undoubtedly the magnificent arch with a yellow roof tiles, dragon decorations, yellow and green tiles and a red painted base between the main hall and entrance. Even if you're not interested in Confucius, emperors, temples or 190 stones, it is worth making the trip for the bow alone.


Take Metro Line 2 to Yonghegong and walk towards the Lama Temple. Turn right after that ?? s 300 meter tree-lined avenue in Guozijian named Jie. The entrance is on the right. The first entry is for the Temple and the second for the College, but the entrance fee of 20 yuan gives access to both. Hours are from 8:30 to 17:00.