Constellation Pisces

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Pisces is a constellation that applies to people who are geborten from February 19th until March 20th. Fish is a mystical zodiac horoscope with passion and commitment. Fish can really go in a different and therefore has a strong empathy. The Latin name of the Pisces horoscope is Pisces.


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Fish Symbol
The two fish in the symbol of the constellation Pisces swim in the opposite direction but are connected in the middle to symbolize the hesitant, met the same sort of Pisces.
Date February 19 to March 20
Ruler Jupiter and Neptune
Of course house Twelfth house
Element Water
Polarity Negative

Personality Fish

Fish have difficulty making a distinction and have often a lack of focus. This makes this star a little vague sign in the zodiac. Fish is often described as a kind of psychic sponge that can absorb all kinds of emotions and moods of others. Fish find it difficult to say no and not very assertive. Pisces wants to make others happy at the sentence and can passive attitude.
Many Pisces find it difficult to say what emotion they feel, because they, as it were drawn into the flow of emotions of another. Fish quickly feel drawn to stories about other people's suffering and feeling guilty quickly. Fish is a character for whom the phrase "one suffers the most from the suffering that people fear" perfect on the go!
Fish have to go on the property in the mind of another and can therefore cause a lot of sympathy and empathy.
The strengths of the Fish
Fish at its best is a very intuitive personality with great empathy. Fish also contains a lot of imagination and compassion.
The weaknesses of Pisces
Fish sometimes have difficulty with everyday reality. When Pisces gets compromised it can not even distinguish reality from fantasy, and can make false promises.
Fish and finance
Fish is practically no sign regarding finances. The money flow inside but also flows away so again. Details are overlooked and bank statements dust in the envelopes. Fish is sensitive to donate money to 'pathetic' institutions.
The career of the Fish
Fish feel like a fish in water in a profession where he can express his artistic side. Think of occupations as an actor, dancer, schlder, poet, author or photographer. Fish often have a connection to the mystical side of life, therefore jobs can as priest, intuitive healer, astrologer and tarot reader are also very suitable.
Early spring season
Day Thursday
Number 7
Physiology Feet, lymphatic system, pituitary
Crystals Aquamarine, beryl, fluorite, turquoise and sunstone
Metal Tin
Seagreen colors, bright white, mauve and silver
Animals Fish, dolphins and other marine mammals
Food figs, fruit, vegetables with high water content

Fish and love

Fish is a dire romantic. Fish quickly puts pink glasses on and can immerse yourself in the relationship and the other person. When the fishing has started a relationship with someone will be very intense and intimate. This can talk to the oppressive and suffocating. Pisces is a sign in astrology that the feet as erogenous zone.