Cosmetic Surgery: choose the right time

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Cosmetic Surgery: choose the right time

Injections, peel or facelift: aesthetic, several factors are important for the procedure or treatment are satisfactory. Choice of practitioner and the appropriate time of course, but also skin condition. The point with the specialists.

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  •  When doing Botox injections?
  •  When to hyaluronic acid injections?
  •  When to laser?
  •  When doing a peeling?
  •  When to eyelid surgery?
  •  When a facelift?

Should we wait to see wrinkles and stains properly installed or intervene as soon as they appear? We asked experts what is the best time to start anti-aging interventions.

When doing Botox injections?

Of all aesthetic procedures, botulinum toxin injections are surely those where it is advisable not to expect too much if one is embarrassed by his expression lines.

Note: treat all upper third of the face. Forehead wrinkles, crow's feet of the lion and are the best indications.

The standard profile: "The typical woman has light skin and fine, it is rather" fronceuse "eyebrow and work a lot on computers," says Dr. Nina Roos, cosmetic dermatologist.

The right time: "The ideal time? When the expression begins to appear frequently ride in the day, without being too pronounced at rest, that is to say when it is not dug, "explains Dr. Roos.

This is when Botox injection, with the setting at rest the muscle, which will prevent the digging of the wrinkle. Whereas if the wrinkle is installed, these injections can no longer much and it will then turn to techniques like hyaluronic acid. This "perfect time" is the thirties.

Price of an injection: from € 300-450.

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When to hyaluronic acid injections?

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill a wrinkle or installed to restore volume to the face.

Note: the ideal indication, are the wrinkles of the middle third of the face and the volume at the cheekbones.

Profile type: the skin begins to lose collagen from 30 years, but the first visible signs occur around age 40.

"Patients see the difference quite clearly, they say:" My skin is more like a year ago, '"says Dr. Roos.

The right time: "It is better to deal with when the area begins to mark rather than when the signs of aging are installed explains Dr. Maryse Mateo Delamarre, aesthetic doctor.

"In addition, the faces do not age in the same way. Round faces are young for longer than the faces that can score more quickly. This is why the range is from 40 to 50 years. ".

Special case: hollow rings, which can be treated with an injection of hyaluronic acid, and for which an intervention may be justified 30 years.

Price: from 300 to 400 € for nasolabial folds, 600 or 700 € for cheekbones, € 400 for dark circles.

When to laser?

To treat all pigmentation defects, either spots or redness, each laser has its indication.

Note: sunspots, also called lentigines, can occur relatively early as rosacea, which also affects women rather young.

The dermatologist or cosmetic doctor uses lasers to vascular rosacea and pigment lasers for sunspots.

The typical profile: women who suffer from rosacea often have light skin and resent the sun.

"Those that have stains also have fair skin, and will develop spots on exposed areas too. Develop dark skin spots that are more related to skin irritation and that can not be treated by laser, "explains Dr. Roos.

The right time: the task must be visible to be treated by the laser, since it is the melanin that is targeted. Over the stain is dark and light skin, the better the laser treatment work.

As regards the couperose, more redness are processed upstream, the more the phenomenon can be contained. In both cases, lasers are proven. Read also: How to soothe redness on the face?

Price of a session: 100 to € 200 depending on the extent of the treated area.

When doing a peeling?

If superficial peels with fruit acids can be used to effect a flash, medium peels are advised to find a nice complexion.

Indication means TCA peels are part of the arsenal "first signs of age." They are used to refresh the complexion, sober up in the skins of smokers.

Also suitable for perioral wrinkles that may occur to 45 or 50 years.

The typical profile: CAW can be practiced in young women to treat blemishes. For anti-aging application, the patient rather like 40 or 45 years with oily skin and rather thick.

Her features begin to rise, with small wrinkles and loss of firmness early. Namely: they are not suitable for dark skin because of the risk of depigmentation.

The right time: as soon as superficial peels with fruit acids no longer offer sufficient results.

It is often at the age of 40 that women use, for shine, improve the quality of the surface of the skin and stimulate long-term renewal.

"I can do a TCA peel dosed at 20% in three successive sessions to achieve a good result," said Dr. Roos. Read also: What is peeling?

Price: a TCA meeting 20%: € 150-180.

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When to eyelid surgery?

The operation of the upper eyelids is one of the most practiced aesthetic surgery.

Note: eyelid skin is very thin and can quickly show signs of slackening, while the rest of the face is still young.

The typical profile: In general, when people come to see the upper eyelid droops as to give a sad and / or tired.

The right time: one can have eyelids released from 35 years, although the most frequent requests come from people from 45 or 50 years.

This operation can be performed on elderly patients, since there is no general anesthesia.

In addition, the general state of the skin is not a major factor because the skin is removed too without retightening.

"I can very well operate a 70, who will be delighted with the result, because his eyes have regained the luster of youth and will bring to the whole face," says Dr. Gerard Household, plastic surgeon.

Price: around € 2,000.

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When a facelift?

This intervention is the most important and it is also the most expensive.

Please note: The lift voltage returns to the skin and some muscle, to find a face with sharp contours.

The typical profile: the person must have visibly relaxed traits. But if the skin is still tonic, if the person has a good lifestyle and did not smoke, the operation will be more likely to be successful.

The right time: "The facelift is between 55 and 65, said Dr. Appliances. This is the right time because the signs of aging are visible, but the skin can still be good quality, important parameter for the recovery phase. "

Price: from € 4,000.

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