Cost of Weight Watchers

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The cost of Weight Watchers may differ because you can participate in various ways to Weight Watchers. You can opt for physical meetings, Weight Watchers Online or Weight Watchers for a combi pass that combine meetings with online capabilities. Do you only use the Weight Watchers meetings than pay per meeting. Weight Watchers Online and combi pass you pay a monthly fee. There are regular offers that new members get a discount on their membership.

Lose weight with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a known method for losing weight. The method was developed in the 60s and introduced in the 70s in the Netherlands. There are now already helped millions of people around the world lose weight through Weight Watchers.
The biggest secret of Weight Watchers - and the biggest difference with other diets - is that the collective weight loss happens. Weight Watchers you come every week with a group of participants together. At these meetings is also present a solid coach. In most cases, this coach in the past also used Weight Watchers.
In addition, Weight Watchers distinguishes itself in that it uses a points system. In principle you with Weight Watchers eating everything; just not unlimited. Through Weight Watchers point system indicates how much each food 'cost'. By day you can a predetermined maximum number of food items. This makes your daily calories fairly limited, but you can at least choose what you eat.

Weight Watchers: three participation options

If you participate in Weight Watchers, which can be done in three ways: by attending physical meetings, by attending an online program or a combination of both.
1. Weight Watchers in the traditional way
The original method of Weight Watchers is based on weekly meetings where you have contact with your coach and with others who are also working on weight loss. This method is still widely used, and also appears to be the most effective. During these meetings, you are weighed. You also get tips on diet and exercise, but also to achieve sustainable behavioral change so that if you've reached your goal weight, do not arrive immediately. There is also the possibility to exchange experiences with other participants. Through these weekly meetings can encourage each other and learn from each other, so that weight loss a little easier. The actual weight loss have to do your course itself. You do it every day on the basis of the points system described above.
2. Weight Watchers Online
If you do not have the time or inclination to attend meetings of Weight Watchers, there is the possibility to sign up for Weight Watchers Online. Here you can not make use of the meetings or a coach; you follow the weight loss program online and can thereby use various online tools. The basis for the diet is the same: using the Weight Watchers points system, you can decide what you can and can not eat.
When you are in possession of a smartphone you can use the Weight Watchers App. This allows you to, among other things find out how much each food 'cost' of points. You can also keep track of what you eat every day, and how many points you thereby gears.
3. Weight Watchers combi pass
With a combi pass, you can combine the traditional way of participating in Weight Watchers Weight Watchers Online. So you follow the meetings, but can also use the online tools and support.

The cost of Weight Watchers meetings

If you want to use the first option, and so want to attend physical meetings of Weight Watchers, you first pay a registration fee of ?? 15. Then you pay ?? 12 per session you attend. Wanner 8 consecutive weeks visiting any meeting void your subscription. If you want to rejoin Weight Watchers you have to re-pay the registration fee.
There are regular offers for new participants, for example, you get one or several meetings free or discounted. There is anyway always the option to attend one meeting without having to pay.

The cost of Weight Watchers Online

Even Weight Watchers Online you only pay registration fees. In this case, an amount of ?? 29.95. Then you pay per month ?? 15.95 to access the online tools and support. Even Weight Watchers Online, there are regular offers. New participants need for example to pay a registration fee. Your membership is canceled monthly.

The cost of Weight Watchers combi pass

The combi pass from Weight Watchers is the most expensive. But on the other hand, however, you can live in both the physical meetings, as you use the online opportunities. In a Weight Watchers combi pass you pay ?? 39.95 per month. Here too there are regular offers, where for example one month is offered free membership. Also this membership is canceled monthly.
In some cases, the insurer reimbursed the cost of Weight Watchers. But it requires a referral from a general practitioner or specialist. Or you can get a reimbursement depends on your situation and your health care provider.