Crafts, again in fashion

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It's totally, crafts. Self-knit sweaters, embroidering beautiful scenes, crocheting doilies or a beautiful blanket of patchwork. It's years as dowdy ?? ?? dubbed and associated with old ladies, but that's all over. Crafts by women and men is back in vogue. There are even scholarships where you can pick your heart.
  • Arnhem 12 and September 13, 2008
  • Rotterdam 24 and October 25, 2008
  • Utrecht 5 t / m November 9, 2008

What types of craft is it?

Some of the different kinds of handicrafts:
Knitting and crochet
Sweaters dresses and extending hooks, as we know it, but there are many more possibilities.
It is also important how the fashion looks, but thin crochet vests without sleeves in the summer. Supple of shiny fabric in pastel shades on a white blouse for example.
Baby Sweaters or pastel colored cotton socks always do well even if the child's sweaters in primary colors. Of cotton or wool more suitable for the autumn or the winter.
A crocheted cover ?? ?? a cushion whose fabric has become less beautiful, the pad can pick up again. Hook it in the color that matches other pillows or the design of the bank.
Fellowships will have plenty of options or are free to download patterns.
With start embroidering, then with a small package begin to guess. Immediately a large cloth can, due to the large surface which is to be embroidered, and the time required for this purpose, to dampen the enthusiasm. You also have on small canvases very beautiful scenes. Pre-printed or even calculate.
Some well-known brands with beautiful patterns: Bobbie G. Degins and Lanarte and Eva Rosenstand.
For you always start the skeins of yarn do in the corresponding cardboard tickets. The numbers of the colors can be traced to the colors in the pattern. A ring makes it handier embroidery. Especially when it involves a large image.
Not everyone knows what buttons to. Buttons used in carpets and pillows. On a cloth ?? ?? mesh is a special knot needle passed through the mesh fabric and tied with a special technique. The pieces of yarn can be itself be cut or ready-to-eat in the handicraft store bought. It may be complete patterns or self-fabricated motifs.
Vevaco example, many animal patterns.
Patchwork and Quilting
It is like a big patchwork ?? ??. Make sure you have a good number of beautiful pieces that are put together by hand or machine. You can opt for a modern print or traditional patchwork. Are you gonna do it for the first time, is a collection of remnant patches a nice start.
Either way, it is indeed a big patchwork put together, but in order to make a whole of there needs to be a onderlap put against it there at the bottom and, there between an intermediate layer. On the couch, bed or to curl up under the winter on the bank itself.
A lot of creativity to you! Would like to crochet but have no patterns