Crafts: Finger Puppets and a diorama

Entertainment chichislover December 9, 2016 0 12
Children love to play with their parents or with anybody else. They love attention and are also required. It can also be very nice to go tinkering cozy with a child. In this article some ideas about what is also what can be pieced.

Finger Puppets

  • Colored, stiff paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons

How do I make finger puppets
Making finger puppets is quite simple.
  • Draw a figure on a sheet of heavy paper. It does not matter what figure you draw. A few good ideas are clowns, blame game or a cartoon character. Let when drawing the legs of the figure clear. Cut off when you are finished the doll out. Also cut two holes in the lower part of the figure which fingers can worden.Het plugged fun to create multiple figures, at least two.
  • Now let the child color the dolls with color pencil until they want to be like the child.
  • Now shows the child how his or her fingers through the holes may stabbing beneath the body of the doll. Now kids can play the two figures together to speak with silly voices. Children do things very easily and find it generally very nice, especially when other people react to their funny voices.

  • Peepshow

    Something else that is great fun to do for a child, especially in the fall, is making a diorama. This is the activity with the child lots of fresh air breathe, can discover what nature has to offer and then zoal can tinker delicious.
    • An old shoe
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Markers
    • Paper

    How to make a diorama
  • First go with the child to the woods or to a park and leave it there all collect little things like acorns, beechnuts, pine cones, beautiful leaves, bits of moss and bark of trees. Collect these things in a bag and take them home.
  • Now cut a hole in the shoe box so you can look in the box.
  • Let the child then decorate the box. It can help if you want. Show you the things that can give a village all gathered in the woods in the box.
  • Make holes in the lid of the shoe box and paste it off. This can be transparent film, but it can also colored foil which gives a nice effect.

  • If the child is ready, take the case of the lid on the box and now it's blown peep!

    Idea for parties?

    Both craft activities are also great to do at parties. Kids like them and it's always very nice to tinker!