Customers gain and retain Direct Mail

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What is one of the ways to win customers for you. Direct mail! A great way to launch a campaign for both existing and new customers.

Direct mail

In every business is a personal approach to customers and prospects is of great importance. With direct mail, you have a good alternative for rapid and controlled approach a large group of consumers with the same message. To achieve this they can contact you in order to become a customer. Sending the mailing can be done in three ways: via fax, mail or e-mailing. The station is the most appreciated of the three and of course the longest running. By e-mailing you often have the great opportunity that they regard spam, it will quickly be discarded in the trash. The same applies to the Faxmailing. Especially the fact that you are making use of the paper from the receiver, and that does not always receive as cordial.
We're going in this article mainly about the oldest form of direct mail The mailing by post. The advantages of this shape are enormous.

Your mailing by post:

  • You decide the receiver
  • The timing and planning you have determined
  • Conclusively, learn through this article how to write a persuasive mailing
  • The response in individual so easily measured
  • The cost per lead are often not expensive

The mailing in the form of a letter, a flyer or postcard is the most common. Participation in a mail pack is also a form of direct mail. The manifestations of a mailing know many sub forms and combinations.
Applications of a mailing by post.
You can apply by post mailing in many ways. The main part of the mailings to be used to present a business to customers and prospects. Another application is to communicate actions and price changes. Recipients are also invited for fairs and seminars. These are the most important applications. Less commonly used for surveys, mailings and announcements of corporate bezoeken.Bereid your mailing accounted for, this will ultimately reduce the work and improve the handling of the response. Make a plan, part of the whole process in phases and create a good schedule. This section making a plan containing discussed the different phases. Complete a good plan and monitor gives a lot of rest. The most important thing is that the plan is adhered to. Think carefully about where your mailing needs to go and put a realistic and measurable goal. Limit yourself to a mailing letter to one subject and possibly one sub topic.


  • Sales Actions announce
  • Generating visits arranged
  • Building a prospect list
  • Collecting Market Information
  • Introduction of new products
  • Orders received
  • Determine the target audience so that your mailing can be adjusted accordingly
    • Its existing customers or prospects?
    • Improve your customer relationships
    • Image improvement
    • Gathering information about your customers, for example, a survey
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Invite visitors to your event
    • Sales

    Who is the target

    Its owners, buyers, financial people or members of the management / executive? You understand that a director requires a different approach than a buyer. For example, the secretary collects all mailings them once a week with the boss by taking.
    Old customers?
    Remember, it is ten times easier to win back old customers than to find new ones.
    What is the size of the target group?
    This determines whether you can print your mailing yourself better, shipping and handling or you can outsource it better. Experience shows that for normal mailing and a reminder to the tipping point is already 250 pieces. After determining the target audience, you can make segmentations. Segmenting you do on common characteristics such as location, type receiver, similar companies, large and small customers etc.

    How much did you spend?

    Creating and sending a regular mailing to the interior takes on average 75 to 90 cents. This includes postage. Presents and eye catching packaging to increase the attention value and have a positive effect on the response. They make a mailing or rapidly more expensive for example a different envelope.
    Determine the composition of your mailing.
    What will you send? You are limited to a normal mailing? Then choose a letter envelope with window and one appendix. If you choose to send a folder, choose an envelope that is big enough not to have to fold your folder. You must send a gift, choose a sturdier envelope.
    Always send at least one possible answer it.