Cyclocross Hamme-Zogge: Flandrien Cross 2014

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On Sunday, November 30th, 2014 will be held in the Flemish Hamme place the Kwadro Flandrien Cross. These cyclocross was formerly known as 'the Bolleke Cross'. Where is the trail of the Flandrien Cross in 2014? How Flandrien Cross of the program look like? Which participants stand in Hamme-Zogge on the start list? Who are the favorites for the victory in the East Flemish cross? This cyclocross is part of the Bpost Bank Trophy Cyclo 2014-2015. The Flandrien Cross will be broadcast live on TV.

History of the Cross Bolleke

The first edition of the cross of Hamme-Zogge vondt place in 2002. Until the 2013 edition of the cyclo-cross was known as 'the Bolleke Cross'. The term "Bollekes' in the name of the cross referred to the many beer flowed during the folk festival in this contest. The main man behind the organization of the Bolleke Cross was for years the entrepreneur Jurgen Mettepenningen, who was also the manager of the cyclocross team Sunweb. In 2013 Mettepenningen decided however to withdraw from the organization of the Bolleke Cross. 2013 was a transition year. As of 2014, the competition is organized entirely by the organizer Golazo Sports and the cross also got a new name: the Flandrien Cross. A striking detail in the history of the Bolleke Cross: in all the years Mettepenningen was the organizer of this cyclo-cross, has never been a rider from Sunweb team won this cross.

Palmares Bolleke Cross

The first Bolleke Cross was won in 2002 by Sven Nys, Bart Wellens and Mario de Clercq. Nys has won the race in Hamme-Zogge a total of seven times. After his victory in 2002, he also won in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012. The Czech Zdenek Stybar is the only other multiple winner of the Bolleke Cross. He triumphed in 2009 and 2011. The other winners of the cyclocross race in Hamme-Zogge were Niels Albert, Sven Vanthourenhout and Mario de Clercq.

Bpost Bank Trophy Cyclo-Cross

Until the 2013 edition of the Bolleke Cross was part of the Superprestige cyclocross. As of the 2014-2015 season the competition has become part of the Bpost Bank Trophy. More information about this regularity classification, such as the calendar and standings, please see the separate article on the Bpost Bank Trophy 2014-2015.


The term Flandriens for well over a century, often used in the cycling world, already seems to be the meaning of this term to change again and again. Originally, the term "Flandriens' have been a nickname of Flanders which would track cyclists headed in America and had presented it as" primitive men "who" as if they were animals, pieces of raw meat ate. Later the term Flandrien among other things has become a nickname for Flemish riders who made the race hard by frequently choosing the attack. Briek Schotte was at that time often called "the last Flandrien. But in the 21st century, this nickname is still widely used for racing cyclists.
Since 2003 every year in Belgium is the Flandrien-Trophy awarded to the best cyclists of the year. There are separate Flandrien-Trophy for the best rider national, international best rider, the Belgian ladies cyclist and also for the best talent. Greg van Avermaet has Flandrien Trophy for the best Belgian won three times: in 2008, 2013 and 2014. Because of this and because of his attacking style course he is often called a 'contemporary Flandrien. Van Avermaet lives in Hamme and is also on the organizing committee for the cross of Hamme-Zogge. That this contest renamed 'Flandrien Cross' has received, is therefore largely a tribute to Greg van Avermaet.

Trail, Location

Along with the new name, this cyclo-cross has also received a new trail. Originally it was planned that this new trail on the Mira bridge would go, and that this bridge would be the symbol of the Cross Flandrien. Eventually, they nevertheless refrained from there, because the bridge is too narrow. The bridge is in fact five meters wide and would have to be split in two, making the course as only 2.5 meters would be wide, while the official minimum in accordance with the rules of the UCI is 3 meters.
The new course of the race in Hamme is 2.8 kilometers. It is largely along the ponds to the Meulenbroek and partly on the existing mountain bike trail.

Program Flandrien Cross 2014

The athletic program:
  • 09:30: Newbies
  • 10h30: Juniors
  • 11h30: Promises
  • 13h00: Women
  • 14:00: Cross Flandrien For Life - Studio Brussels
  • 15h00: Men Elite

  • 10:00 t / m 22:00: DJ Sammy
  • 14:00: Bart Kael
  • 16h30: Les Truttes
  • 18h30: 2Fabiola
  • 19u05: DJ Pat Krimson

Participants: starting list

Below is the provisional entry list for the elite men


Among the main contenders for victory in the cyclo-cross course include the seven-times winner Sven Nys. Other contenders include the Dutchman Lars van der Haar and Belgian Wout van Aert, Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels.


Tickets for the cyclocross race in Hamme-Zogge cost on the day of the competition at the box office 12 euros. A member of the BWB will charge the cash for his ticket but eleven euros. For children up to twelve years admission is free. Presale tickets cost of the tickets for the race in Hamme eleven euros. The presale is at the Hubo Hamme, at Dagbladhandel & Stripspeciaalzaak Vemeire in Hamme and Café 't Zoggehof in Hamme-Zogge. This cafe is the local supporters of Greg van Avermaet.

Live on TV

The cross of the elite men in Hamme-Zogge will be broadcast live on TV by Sporza. The program will be broadcast on the Flemish channel Canvas. More information about live broadcasts of field trips, see the separate article on cyclocross live on TV in 2014-2015.

Previous edition: rash Hamme-Zogge 2013

The twelfth edition of the Bolleke Cross took place on November 10, 2013. The cross was won by Niels Albert. Solo he crossed the finish line with a lead of 13 seconds on the number two, Sven Nys. Third was the German Philipp Walsleben, 36 seconds. Fourth place went to Wietse Bosmans and the Swiss Julien Taramarcaz fifth.