Dalton Education

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Your child goes to primary school. An important choice to be made. What school is your child and what kind of education I would like to offer the child. There are so many. Below is more information about the Dalton Education.

Dalton education

In Dalton education children learn by doing their own experiences.
Dalton Education has three principles:
Freedom to learn and experience something important. Freedom is important to make your own way and make choices. Yet it is no unlimited freedom. Founder of the Dalton Education ?? ?? Helen Parkhurst said about the freedom of the following: The ideal of freedom is not permissiveness, and still less is it indiscipline. The child who just does what it feels like, is not free. On the contrary, it becomes a slave to bad habits, selfish and inappropriate for a life with others. Also freedom in the Dalton Education means it can cope with responsibility.
In the Dalton Education is an important factor independence. Dalton Education wants to give the child autonomy that they are formed into adults who can think independently and do. This independence emerges as children experience how they can obtain information, how they handle this information and what they do with it. This happens to every individual differently and keep the Dalton Education into account.
Learning cooperation is also central to the Dalton Education. Not only does it work with friends, but also with people that you have not chosen. In the Dalton Education also is a lot of work with groups. Not only in groups from the same class, but also with other students of the school.

The role of teacher

For a teacher, there are important things in Dalton Education. A teacher is more concerned in the field of coaching and guidance than just transferring material.
A number of important aspects that are important for a teacher:
  • We work with a task board and a task sheet and with daytime colors
  • The students keep the results to themselves
  • Independence and cooperate should get a lot of attention
  • The classroom is equipped to work independently and collaborate
  • Various forms of learning are offered by independent working, learning and reflecting.