Damage caused by fireworks ?? Who pays for the damage?

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Every year around the New Year hit buildings, furniture and motor vehicles damaged by fireworks. Who takes care of the compensation for this damage?

Damage caused by fireworks

The chance of fireworks damage to a home or commercial building is relatively small. By fireworks occur in December or more fires compared to other months. This is not only caused by fireworks, but also by, for example, the burning of candles. Damage caused by fire must be recovered from the home insurance or building insurance. It will be difficult to speak to the person causing the damage for such damages. Probably because the damage was not caused deliberately. In exceptional cases, the damage will be recovered from the person causing the damage. This is the case with arson. The possible stories of harm makes no difference to the customer. The insurer will reimburse the fire.

Fireworks Damage to your car or other motor vehicles

Fireworks Damage is paid only to the car in certain coverages. If your car has liability insurance, you do not get paid the fireworks damage to your car. This insurance coverage solely because of the damage caused to others by car. Consequences of tire covered by the limited liability and hull coverage on the hull liability insurance. If the damage is covered by the definition of vandalism, there is only liability coverage on the hull insurance. The downside of claiming liability on the hull insurance is that there will be a decline in claim years. This makes the premium for car insurance in the following year may be higher.

Fireworks Damage to the home or business

When off fireworks can happen, for example, a flare comes under the roof tiles. The chances are slim that a fire breaks out here, but it can not be ruled out. The fire that may arise can be claimed on home insurance. This involves not only the fire, but also the water damage from putting out the fire. Effects of fire are the main danger to houses and shophouses. A fire is spreading rapidly and is often the largest expense.

Fireworks Damage to your household contents

Fireworks can also damage your furniture. In addition to fire damage can also be caused scorch and melting damage. This is not the same as fire damage. The most brief fire insurance is assured. To ensure even melting and schroeischade you should opt for the additional comprehensive contents insurance. Most home contents insurance involving close in Netherlands this coverage. Insurers use their own policy definitions, but keep insurance coverage similar to the outline. In recent years, the All Risks coverage in attendance. In this expanded form damage insured by fireworks more comprehensive.

Fireworks Damage covered by the liability insurance

Under certain conditions it is possible to claim damages by fireworks on the cause of the damage. In practice it will be difficult to hold someone liable. A rocket fired in the air can cause damage. The question is whether the damage can be charged to the person who lit the fireworks.