Davis Learning Strategies: Learning and solve language delays

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Learning and language problems occur is the main goal of the Davis Learning Strategies. As children learn at an early age to focus on their tasks by David learning strategies to prevent problems. The methodology of the learning strategies David makes use of relaxation exercises, focus exercises and symbolism.

From dyslexia to learning

Davis coaching method is a method used to help children from all forms of dyslexia. As founder Ronald D. Davis found that children had to be helped with other learning problems, he also developed the Davis-learning strategies. A pilot study has now shown that all children benefit from this learning strategies. Learning and language delays can be avoided with it.

Benefit for all children

Davis Learning Strategies were initially intended to prevent dyslexia and other learning difficulties. In a period of five years, with a pilot study was carried out showed that all children had benefited from the method. For all children who participate in the method improved their reading and language skills.

Content of the Davis Learning Strategies program

The principle of the Davis-leerstrategieën® program is to make good use of attention. When attention is focused on the learning objectives and that happens in a proper way, it is easy for the child to obtain information themselves. The way this happens is different from other methods. Namely always start with simple relaxation exercise. This creates emptiness in the head and are located from the attention is much better there than from all kinds of thoughts going around singing. In addition, use is made of the so-called Focusing. In addition, exercises are done which aimed to hold his attention. Children learn the method so both physically and mentally focusing on what they should do. Moreover, they also learn how so keep that attention.

Davis Symbol Mastery

The method further comprises various components. The Davis Symbol Mastery is focused on the alphabet, punctuation and based on words. Pen and paper come in handy not to that. Symbol Mastery is also used to write and inprentoefeningen, but that only happens if the child has acquired himself the method of Symbol Mastery.

Symbol Mastery teaches kids short:

  • Alphabet, punctuation and basic words
  • Writing and inculcate
  • Spelling, pronunciation and the meaning of the most common, common words when reading

Davis reading exercises

Davis-reading exercises are aimed both at recognizing words on understanding what the words mean. The reading method may be used by itself, but can also be used in addition to another method that has already used a school.

What does the Davis-leerstrategieën® program?

Research has shown that the learning strategies for all children are suitable, on their own level. It teaches them to concentrate on tasks, but it also fits in with the creative learning process. Learning skills are developed, also are not temporary, but formed a solid foundation that continues to exist and from which the child develops. The reading improved, because it emanates from the mind of the child and not an adult. It is short, fun to read, partly because the substance is clearly understandable.
Children also learn to use their time much better with the method. Because we focus and there is so much distraction, a task can be completed properly and efficiently. The child is so very much aware of, because it taught him. So the student develops a very independent attitude
The confidence is growing, because children see that what they do is going well.

Used everywhere

The program can be used for all activities, not just language courses. Also, in the exercise classes, or manual labor is the importance of concentration and concentrated remain of great interest.

Who instructs?

Davis learning strategies can be used by many disciplines. Teachers can be trained in the method so that they can carry it out in the classroom. This ensures effective and efficient reading and spelling instruction.

Davis Counselor

There are also specialized Davis Counselors who work preventively with groups of young children. They are fully trained in the Davis methods and may also provide insight into problems like dyslexia and any solution to do wrong. In the Netherlands only a few Davis counselors, but their number is growing. Below this article you will find the link to one of them.

Further, the Davis-Learning strategies can be used by:

  • Remedial teachers
  • Child Therapists
  • Children Coaches
  • Speech Therapists
  • Parents with young children who want to avoid walking their children firmly at the beginning reading instruction.
  • Second Language teacher education


Parents can obviously play an important role in the process. If they know how the method works, they will also assist their child. Schools that are important to the method through meetings governed by the Davis organization learn how the method works. Then they can work together in groups with children. This gives a double effect, because parents know how it works and the school uses the same system.

Davis®-learning strategies mentor for schools

However, the teaching method can do more for the school. As a teacher in the primary grades the Davis Learning Strategies workshop followed, the organization can make a Mentor. That supports and then assists in the application of the program. Teachers who have worked for years in their school with the Davis Learning Strategies, or Davis counselors who supervise children individually in their counseling practice can be a mentor.
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