Day or weekend of Pentecost

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Revival Foundation organizes on May 29, 2009 for the 39th time the Pentecostal conference in Biddinghuizen. The conference is on the site of Walibi World and is a family activity par excellence. The weekend bubbling with activities for young and old. The theme this year is'Gerechtigheid, peace and joy in the Holy ghosting.


During the weekend discussed the outpouring and the work of the Holy Spirit. The program starts on Friday, May 29th at 20:00 and lasts until Monday, June 1st 16:15. Martin Koornstra serves to kick off the weekend with the terminal containing a song service led by Marcel Zimmer. There are daily meetings in which plenty of singing to the glory of God. There are exciting speakers holding a reflection on the basis of the theme. For the young there is, for example, the speaker Michael McManee, a former IRA terrorist. Michael now devotes his life to the service of God to preach the gospel to young people. The weekend ends with a worship concert with Kees Kraaijenoord.

Shipment Program

During breaks, visitors can go to the World Information Exchange. The program of the Evangelical Missionary Alliance, visitors are informed about the business as mission, mission organizations and missionaries. At the World Expo Exhibition can be found over seventy stands of organizations working in the field of mission and evangelism.


Every year thousands of children to Revival Biddinghuizen. For all those children aged three to twelve years, there are programs ?? s when they hear the Gospel in a festive and creative way. During the weekend themes treated as media and bullying. For children there are several artists including Gert van der Vijver and Ben Ketting. The children get during the activities offered sweets and drinks. The kinderprogramma's large extent, services for adults.

Teenagers and young people

For teenagers there is a private area where intense outdoor activities are held. You can hear the whole weekend, talk, pray, sing, but mostly doing things. To take part here you can buy a wristband for only ?? 1.50. This wristband indicates that you are really a teenager. For the youth of seventeen years to 25 years, there is a challenging program prepared. Challenging, as you will learn in this program with issues that you can fit all Christian youth life. The program aims to make it clear that a Christian is not boring.


Organizing a Pentecost expensive. Still, the organization wants to ask no entrance fee to keep the activities accessible to all. Therefore, access to the Pentecostal conference for day visitors free. You only pay for parking. People in the grounds of Walibi World or camping will be a certain rate.


On the grounds of Walibi World is ample opportunity to camp. However, you must sign up on time because full is full. If the car park is full, you can also reserve a campsite in the area on a place. In the area of ​​Elburg include beautiful campsites where you can spend the weekend. Should they also are full, you can also come as a day guest. You're welcome.