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People who do not get out in terms of finances can rely on the debt. For debt should someone have a large backlog of payments and do not know how he or she who can solve problems again. Easier debt which is not, moreover, because if one party does not wish to join the whole party has been canceled. Moreover always go the Tax and health insurance for by debt.

More and more people rely on debt

More and more people have to rely on debt. Too many things are simply closed. Several expensive telephone subscriptions, personal loans outstanding with various institutions and high interest questions are often the reason that all these charges can not be funded. In 2009, between 55 000 and 60 000 people using debt.

Debt counseling: Many different debt and parties who want to see their money

Creditors will often just see the money their future. Moreover, many people have so many debts with so many parties that it is not easy to get all in a row. In addition, if one of the parties imposes wage garnishment find another creditor parties often unfair. Often drop out there and that means the debt is canceled. All parties must namely agree with the arrangement where someone pays a fixed monthly amount that the creditors are paid for mostly three years. This means for the party which has yet to receive cash or a loss, because the whole amount is thus never met. But there is at least something which is always better than nothing.

Additional rights for Tax Administration and health insurers in debt

The Dutch government has given certain creditors the right to priority in 2009. Overdue bills for health insurance for example, after six months is not paid directly collected by the party to pay. Now there is also an additional penalty on top of 30 euros. More than 300,000 people have been more than half a year their premiums are not paid, so they will be dealt with immediately in this manner. The tax office has priority over all other creditors. Tax may depreciate namely to three times thousand euro from the account of people in debt. That means in many cases that there is no more money left for the ordinary daily affairs. People who have a debt to the tax, however, should take into account. Moreover, it agreed that the Tax to automatically collect the debt takes into account the lifestyle of the person with the money is recovered. Whether the practice will show this, too, has yet to be proven.

Other creditors claim their rights

Health Insurance and the Tax Authorities have thus priority for repayment of debts. But other creditors are becoming harder and tougher, especially since they also see that these two bodies often with ?? ?? their money runs away. They explain why often seized from wages, which means that much of what is coming in each month immediately passed on to the party that requested the wage garnishment. Moreover, it is proven that people in debt often at very many different parties debts and bailiffs door so literally almost flat walk.

People with debt: Often people with low-paying job

People with debt are also in most cases, people with low-paying job. Because they are at any given time for the trees to see the forest, they often have more obligations to stop the hole with one another and as many more problems. It is remarkable that people on benefits do far less common debt.
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