Deductible health insurance

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The government sets a mandatory basic health insurance in our country. And those basic insurance in 2013 has a compulsory excess of ?? 350, -. In addition to the compulsory excess policyholders may choose to extend it on a voluntary basis with an additional deductible. And people may consider with great care costs to comply spread that amount. Below we go into detail on the deductible for health insurance.

What is a deductible?

At each basic insurance includes a compulsory excess. That is the part of the healthcare costs that the insured must take on their own account. Declared care costs in this aim first reimbursed by the insurer to the extent the amount exceeds the deductible.
In other words: who care costs, which must themselves pay the excess is consumed. At the start of each calendar year the amount of the deductible is determined again.
And perhaps needless to mention, but who has not taken out health insurance in our country or fails to pay the premium can be considerably subject to fines under the Scheme Defaulters Health Care premiums.

Why a mandatory deductible with medical expenses?

The government used several arguments to use their own risk in health insurance:
  • Lower claims with insurers for policyholders taking a portion of the costs of care for their own account;
  • Health insurers may have reflected reduced claims in the premiums for their health insurance; Without that assurance there would be considerably more expensive;
  • Because insured must take some of the costs themselves, they are less likely to appeal to the basic insurance.

How high is the deductible in 2013?

Standard applies in 2013 a compulsory excess of ?? 350, - but participants can voluntarily choose to increase it to a maximum ?? 850, -. A higher deductible can result in a significant reduction in the premium.

Staggered payment deductibles

As indicated above is when declaring the first care expenses deductible ?? exhausted ?? before the insurer decides to charge. For insured persons who have a lot of standard care costs, it can be useful to not suddenly take on their own account the excess.
Some airlines offer for those cases, the ability to meet the excess spread. And if at the end of the year prove that they were not liable for the full amount of the deductible, then collapsed society that overpayment back automatically.

Deductible health insurance from 2008

The table below shows that the excess since the implementation of our current health care system was higher every year. In particular, the sharp rise for the year 2013 is striking.

At which health care costs is no deductible?

There are certain medical expenses that are not first be deducted from the excess. In the first place, all the care costs for children up to 18 years beyond the deductible. But also for adults, a number of specific allowances exempt from the general insurance:
  • general costs;
  • the costs of childbirth;
  • population as the national breast cancer research;
  • flu vaccination for people at risk.