Defeating specific type Pokémon

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It seems simple but it certainly is not the defeat of the different types of Pokémon you come across in the Pokémonspellen on Gameboy and Nintendo DS. To Pokémontrainer help a little bit, here an overview of the types of Pokémon and the way how to beat the best.


Pokémon, derived from the words ?? pocket ?? ?? and ?? monster, creatures that are in the same game can be gebattled. The Pokémonmarkt introduced in 1995 has grown in almost 15 years to a real empire. What began as a television series, continued as trading cards, merchandise and more than 20 different games and movies. In the original story, we follow Ash Ketchum, a boy of about 10 with his Pokemon Pikachu all Pokémontrainers Indigo League or defeat. Of all the games and movies this concept is the basis.
The purpose of the Pokémonspellen is to collect as much of the creatures to fill the Pokédex. In the game you first go into battle with a Pokémon to weaken it and then catch him with a Pokéball. When the Pokémon in possession has come to catch, it is important to involve the creature in these fights so he does a lot of experience and will evolve. This means that the creature will grow and take on another form.
In addition to ensuring your Pokémon, you should include it in the game against Gymleaders. These opponents are often much stronger than the 'stray' opponents in the field. There are at least eight Gymleaders game to fight, divided among the towns that you're doing in the game.
The latest version of the Pokémonspellenreeks the game Pokémon Platinum. In the complete game series are catching a small 500 Pokémon spread over 17 categories. Many of these Pokémonsoorten known where they are weak for and how you can beat them so easily.
Of course it is possible with a very strong Pokémon to defeat many different types. If the difference in level is large enough, this will present few problems. However, when the two Pokémon are about the same level, it is useful to consult that list.
Do you have additions to this schedule, or do you think the information is wrong? Please leave a comment so that I can make this aid as effective as possible!