Dental Insurance: may cancel, or not?

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The dental insurance. If there is one health insurance is where we overdub and doubt, it is this one. But is it really a good idea to cancel dental insurance? And how do you make that choice? Read on for a list of clear arguments, plus a roadmap to make the best decision in your situation. The dental insurance. Certainly lately is under fire. While costs have been released from the dentist and rise sharply according to the latest reports, many benefits remain within the dental insurance right - whether the fees are even reduced. In addition, the dental insurance can be a very expensive insurance. Reason enough to take a good look if it is useful for you to say on the dental insurance.

The dental insurance: why not?

There is a rule of thumb that the Consumers empowering, and one that makes a lot. Namely: only assure those costs, you can not wear. This is a common argument against the dental insurance for most people. Firstly, because we usually get presented no towering bills from the dentist, unless there is something really wrong. Secondly, because the benefits of the insurance companies are usually capped. An often hefty premium, you get a rule only a limited amount of compensation back of costs incurred.

The dental insurance, why do?

That does not mean that there are situations in which a dental insurance is still recommended. Who makes high costs or expected, the cost of dental insurance can often repeatedly cross off against the costs reimbursed by the dentist. This is especially true if you find yourself in the highest sectors of insurance, where the ceiling can be very high.

How do I determine what I do?

Amazingly many people do 'wet-finger-work "as they try to decide whether the dental insurance remains or goes out the door. That while there is a relatively simple method is to be able to reasonably assess what is the most sensible. Step one is, the mapping of the dental treatment of the person or the family in question. Do not feel the dreaded paperwork accounts of several years? Is not necessary. Those who bank online - and who does not gradually - can simply use the search function in the internet bank. Enter the account number from your dentist in, and automatically switch the amounts you have paid into the picture. Do this for several years, no less than a certain number of five years. Part than the total cost by the number of years. Voila, you already have a picture of costs as they stood recent times. And with an initial indication of future expenses.

Even more reinforcements

Another astonishing fact: the main auxiliaries that can help us decide, let we are often left! That is the dental practice. Well before the end of the year and therefore the decision period is a smart girl or boy just visit a dentist with the simple question: can you judge me roughly what to expect on maintenance is the next year? Okay, unforeseen circumstances you can not control and it is a rough estimate which you can derive no rights - but often such estimates are surprisingly accurate.

You can change more than you think

In case of doubt, the old insurance say already at the end of the year, and then the slow decision-maker has yet another month to think. Indeed, you must pass on February 1 have a new insurance policy under the current rules. Note that some insurers allow you to always allow insurance as Menzis does at the time of writing this article. Others, however, adopt requirements as cleaning up your teeth or a specific position in terms of condition of your teeth. Also there waiting when it comes to compensation for larger procedures such as crowns and bridges. Knows well what you do, and make sure your old shoes - ie dental insurance - just throw away if you know there is a good alternative exists. Whether it's going to be uninsured and grow a buffer for the cost, or entering into a new dental insurance.