Deposit to rent a house: key is that money?

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Many landlords ask new tenants a deposit. But what is a deposit and why it must be paid. And so ?? s deposit actually a legal requirement? And is the same as a deposit key money?

The deposit for the rental of a house

Almost all landlords ask for a deposit on their new tenants. This amount of money to be paid in advance is there at the end of the lease to recover any damages from the landlord. There has then already paid an amount and there is damage to a property than that of that amount can be paid.

What happens to the deposit of a property if the lease is terminated?

A tenant who house tidy condition upon termination of the rental agreement, is entitled to a refund of the entire deposit. Who has caused damage, so only get back a portion of the amount. This must be, moreover, be in accordance with the damage and have not been jacked up to the amount that is still standing.

What level should a deposit to rent?

Legally, there are no limits to the deposit for the rental of a dwelling. In most cases one month rent is maintained, but there are also landlords who the new tenant three times that amount. So 400 euros monthly rent asked for the deposit can range from 400 to 12,000 euros. Most tenants pay no more than that amount, so usually the deposit is not higher than that amount.

Key money is the same as a deposit to rent?

Key money is not the same as a deposit. Key money is money that requires the landlord of the new tenant before it is in the home. Money key questions is prohibited by law. If someone already has paid key money, he or she can recover it. This requires or evidence that this money has been paid. A receipt or bank statement of the transfer are required. Who wants to ask key money back should do so through the courts.