Devils Triangle Project

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Within the profession of project management is always working with preconditions and within certain frameworks / guidelines of the client. These frames can often be simply divided into three main groups, which then come together in what is called the devil's triangle ?? ??. This article looks at these devils triangle and how it can be used in practice.

Devils Driek Angle

Frameworks for a project, given by the client can be classified into three main groups. These are: time, money and quality. These constitute the devil's triangle ?? ??. Why this is so called follow later, first a brief explanation of the main groups in relation to project management.
The three main groups are defined in the project initiation document appointments.
Within projects, the time factor ?? ?? often very important for a client. Clients have the results of the project in a certain amount of time or principals have issued commitments to others. Time pressures may also have to do with holiday periods, or, in the IT world, a release calendar.
Within projects, money always plays a role. Even if no external staff hired by the project or not ?? out of pocket ?? cost. At first sight, one could then argue that money is no object. That is not entirely correct. Projects are always done by humans. Those people need to spend time on the project, then costs money. The amount of money can vary, but there is always a role for money.
The project must produce a concrete result. That result must meet certain quality standards. These are often documented in a Project Initiation Document or a Plan of Action. The quality is monitored throughout the project, often by checking all intermediate results.
Time, money and quality always relate to each other in a certain way. That relationship is expressed in the devils triangle. If we take a triangle and put a main group on every corner is showing signs of the devil triangle. Because they are in relationship and communication with each character I prefer as interlocking gears.
This triangle is called the devil's triangle since making choices between them is essential, but also difficult. The project initiation document the main groups are aligned and the wheel is put still. However, a project is a dynamic whole. It is therefore almost inevitable that come in motion the gears during the project.


It has already been stated that a project is a dynamic whole. So there will be movement in the triangle or if you prefer, in the gears. You may wonder how it practically works. It seems most useful to clarify this with an example.
This could create a situation in the project and which one finds out that it is behind schedule. The causes may be otherwise very different background. The analysis of the causes of interest. This ensures that there can be learned from problems. The solution to the problem, however, will now have an impact on time, quality and / or money. There may be a choice for delaying the project which means an impact on time. More time often means more cost. This can also have an impact on the quality, it may be that decreases the sharpness eg by increasing throughput and more time is needed for success and quality tests.


In practice, use can be made of the devil's triangle. First, it can be a handy tool to advance with the client to make arrangements, by going through ?? what if ?? scenario ?? s or sizing of the main groups. Between the project manager and the client then creates a mutual understanding of what is important. At the time need to make choices is easier to advise the client.
From the change management in the project can be written advice from the different angles of the triangle. So the impact on time can, quality and money to be made clear. For the project, it is good to look at a problem from different perspectives. Also a choice of one can affect the other. If the client wants to achieve in spite of everything on time this means a choice or limiting quality or an increase in cash. With additional money would then additional people can be hired or overtime can be paid.


Some project managers are in the middle of the triangle ?? scope ?? fourth main group down. Concessions in the scope can lead to failure to achieve the project objective and thus would need to be carefully handled.