Diet with esophagus problems: nutrition at reflux

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Esophagus Inflammation is a possible complication of the annoying condition reflux. Here you suffer from a burning sensation in the esophagus and acid regurgitation from the stomach. If you are faced esophagus with prolonged gastric acid which there can be a cause irritation of the esophagus, after which creates an inflammation of the esophagus. At esophagus problems it is advisable to stick to a few rules regarding nutrition, and in order to avoid reflux as much as possible. Furthermore, even if antacids give Rennie relieve symptoms. Here's an overview of nutrition to a diet with esophageal problems. What eats your best not to reflux?

Diet with esophagus problems

Nutrition for a diet with esophagus problems often depends on the particular situation of the patient. What do you prefer, where you will encounter very unpleasant consequences of and which foods your esophagus is very sensitive? These are all questions that must be answered for each specific case. Yet there are also general nutrition tips to keep you.

Coffee and chocolate

In order to counteract esophagus problems comes down to food products in order to avoid affecting the sphincter of the esophagus. Typical examples include coffee and chocolate. Try using this diet to minimize or to swear perfect. The use of sparkling soft drinks and fruit juices is often discouraged.


Alcohol also put strong pressure on the sphincter of the esophagus. Alcohol can make sure that gullet problems become more active. White wine in particular, in many patients with esophagus problems a bad reputation. Try also to avoid alcohol if you have esophagus problems.

Fatty meals

Fatty meals increase the chance of an elevated activity reflux. Suggested is, therefore, to avoid the use of excessive amounts of fat, for the meals. Moreover, it is better to take less elaborate meals for you. Eat several times a day rather than a lighter meal two times a day a meal. However, it is good to provide fibers in the diet, in order to achieve a good bowel movement. Do not forget to chew quietly so that the stomach has less work to help digest food.


Concomitantly with the previous tip, it is important to avoid obesity. Obesity is generally a bad thing to esophageal problems. When obesity will show up more pressure on the stomach and esophagus, reducing the chance of reflux and associated consequences increases. If you are obese and you have esophageal problems, is a diet highly recommended.

Be careful with spicy seasoning

If you prepare your meals, it is better to be careful with herbs. You better not be too lavish with all kinds of straw spicy herbs, because it put strong pressure on your stomach. This also has its influence on the esophagus and thereby the chance of reflux increases.

Quit smoking

Smoking has an adverse influence on a variety of bodily functions, and so also on the functioning of the esophagus. Nicotine and tar irritate the throat and esophagus and cause an increased risk of problems with the esophagus. Stopping smoking has been in heelwat patients can reduce the symptoms of reflux.

Lying down after meals

If you want to go to sleep shortly after a meal or just lie down, then this can promote reflux. Because you lie down, it will be easier stomach acid coming back up and start to irritate your esophagus. Therefore, it is good not to lie down immediately after you eat. Keep a margin of two to three hours to elapse between your last meal of the day and the moment you go to sleep.

Advice doctor prolonged esophagus problems

If esophagus problems persist, it is recommended to go to your doctor for further advice. There are plenty of options in terms of medications, such as antacids. Various interventions are possible to solve problems esophagus, just think of the so-called Nissen procedure.

Redugas and Rennie

Antacids and tablets that reduce the gas in the digestive system can provide temporary relief from oesophageal problems. Examples of this are the widely known and Redugas Rennie. Additional medications may be prescribed by your doctor, who will look at your particular case, what is most efficient to control reflux.