Dieting: Facts, myths and tips

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Losing weight is something that many people are up to. Diets, exercise and healthy eating. There are lots of different stories and opinions about this topic. But what exactly is it? And how do I make sure I sound waste? To still the maze yet to find the forest are the main facts, fables as well as tips to put a row. Most people could use a hand when it comes to losing weight. Often, people fall back into their old habits, which creates a yoyo effect. There are also many examples where people follow a particular crash diet and therefore suffer serious shortages of essential nutrients. Have a healthy weight is important, however, achieve a healthy weight and maintain just as important and often harder than it looks. Over the years there have been many myths and facts on our noses passed, which would promote fast weight loss. Healthy and unhealthy ways to get those pounds off were reviewed. There are now so many, giving a good overview of the real tips and tricks to lose weight healthily is urgently needed.

Facts about weight loss

Brushing your teeth at a moment of appetite, causes this feeling disappears nine times out of ten.
When you pull the best drink a large glass of water, fresh fruit juice or green tea. In many cases you have actually not hungry, but your body craves moisture. Be careful with artificial juices and other soft drinks, which contain a lot of sugars and artificial sweeteners so you just extra arrive.
Most diets are unhealthy. This is because they are often emulate a very large weight loss in a short period of time. These so-called crash diets can cause your body has shortage of the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Slow food
Conscious and eating slowly helps with weight loss. This is because it is created when chewing and grinding your food saliva to digest all that food. In your saliva are digestive enzymes work best at least 30 times chew every bite. Also, you have to sit with the idea of ​​full sooner eat slowly, so you'll often take smaller portions.
Promotes weight loss a good sleep. When you sleep it will create a growth hormone, which promotes fat burning. The average sleep duration that is recommended is around eight hours per night.

Losing weight and fables

In addition to numerous events, there are also a lot of myths about weight loss known. Below are the most common and well-known fables.
Eat after 20:00
After eight hours ?? evening you can not eat the best. Fortunately, we can put aside this fable. The bulk of the southern European population eats even after 22:00. The story goes that the burning of fat in your body ?? evening is slower, but it does not matter to your body when you eat. But of course you like during the day, too ?? evening not overdo it.
Good and bad fats
Eating fats causes weight gain. This is largely a myth. Indeed, there are different types of fats, including good and bad. So are very unhealthy trans fats, which are saturated fats that are cured in a factory. Of saturated fats you need small quantities daily to slow your digestion so that you longer have the feeling of fullness. Finally, there are unsaturated fatty acids, which fatty acids as omega-3-fatty acids. The lower your bad cholesterol but also increase the good cholesterol. Without good fats your body can not even old degrade fats.
Whole Foods
Eating snacks with sugar and fat makes you feel full faster than healthy food. It has been proven that when confronted with the raw and thus healthier products is faster. The eat two bags of chips most people therefore is much easier than eating two bananas.
Snacking after exercise
I exercise and my weight is good, I will need to pay less attention to my diet. Strenuous exercise makes you hungry, you will want to quickly grab an unhealthy snack. But are there in these snacks are often much more than the number of calories that you have burned your work out.
Six small meals versus three large meals
The best I eat six small meals throughout the day. The University of Missouri research has proven that you lose weight just by eating three large meals. A breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure you are just as full as when eating six small meals. You also have three times less likely to eat more so than you initially planned.

Tips for healthy weight loss without dieting

Here are some additional tips that can help with weight loss, motivating or save it in the right way. Of course you do not have to carry them all out, but if you run it at least three a day you are already a long way in the right direction. Good luck!
  • Stir every day. Step example from a bus stop earlier and proceed on foot to work, nursing or make phone calls standing in your lunch break for a walk.
  • Remove all unhealthy snacks and replace them healthy. Think nuts, strawberries or berries.
  • Make sure you always and everywhere have a healthy snack with you to survive unexpected draw attacks. Take for example an apple, nuts or cereal bowl waffle in your bag, car or desk drawer.
  • Do not eat through problems, often looking for a man solace in food. That chocolate bar, muffin or bag of chips are eliminated. You feel after the time often only guilty and your problems are not solved.
  • Keep a food diary makes you aware of your eating behavior. It works very confrontational and often the threshold to eat healthier the next day. In a healthy day this diary is working again very motivating.
  • Awkward all the different types of fats. Which were already healthy and which could you better leave it alone? A simple mnemonic follows: The ?? o ?? unsaturated fats represents okay.
  • The pastry on a birthday eat your best with a handful of nuts or other snack which contains many proteins. Due to the combination of sugars, proteins and fats slows down the increase of sugars in the blood, which causes you blood sugar levels are not going peaks. This makes you less desire for sweets.
  • When eating chocolate you choose the best for healthy chocolate. This is pure chocolate with more than 72% cacao, without filling or salted nuts.