Different hair products to style your hair with it

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If you go for the shelves in the supermarket or drugstore you can go dizzy from the wide range of styling products for hair. So many bottles, jars and vans in a row but what can we do with it? A brief explanation of the most common products we use to style our hair last.

Large assortment

To make our hair in model before we go out the door, we can use all kinds of hair products. The offer in this area is very large, the shelves are richly filled with all kinds of gels, sprays and foam buses.
But where are now all those styling products?
Because the supply is so large and varying and another varies greatly by brand, it is impossible to describe each product.
Therefore a small selection from a wide range:


Nivea o.a offers a wide range styling mousses Foam is often used as a base to support the hair and to provide model. With its foam can also be very good volume and succeed in creating her by kneading the product in the hair and / or scrunching.
More volume in your hair? Just blow-dry with a diffuser!
It can be used on wet or dry hair and is suitable for all hair types.
Using foam can prevent static and frizzy hair.
There are several varieties, so one can choose from mousses which includes the
following features:
  • curl and / or stroke
  • caring
  • glossy
  • volume
  • firmness
  • color

Shake well before use and during spraying, keep the can upside down. Usually 2 to 3 tufts, the size of a walnut, sufficient to style the hair with it.

Hair Serum

Serum is often offered in small bottles, and must be used in very small quantities. It has been necessary, but a few drops of which are distributed over the hair. Hair Serum has a protective function, so it can provide protection against heat from a blow dryer or flat iron. But it also has a soothing effect, it prevents frizz. The hair is also soft and shiny, giving it a healthy glow again.
Serum can be used in both wet and dry hair but beware: do not use too much, the hair is fat. Yet overuse? The hair re-washing is still the only solution.
Taft offers a wide range gels


Hair gel consists for more than 95% of water, when the water is completely evaporated, there remains a residue in the hair that provides for rigidity.
Hair gel can be used to highlight points or short lengths to smear fully and then to style. It is available in tubes and in large pots in different colors. The colors such as pink, green, yellow or blue, it is not reflected in the hair, this is purely to make the product more attractive.
There do exist special color gels with which one can make in the hair, in order to create, for example, colored tresses or spikes.
Some gels have a wet look effect, the hair stays there all day "wet" look.
For tough 'hard capsules' can sit well with a gel from the feet. The hair stays perfectly in shape but also very hard, ideal for extreme hairstyles.
Got2be has many styling products including hair paste

Her fit

With her you can fit all day long hair re-styling in many messy creations. It is ideally suited for short to mid-length, thick and coarse hair. Its paste provides strong reinforcement of a haircut but remains flexible. Unlike gel has applied a matte finish.


Hairspray used it as a finishing touch to fix the hairstyle, or to keep in shape. If you are happy with the end result then you can keep it with some hairspray to style.
Hair spray is available in different strengths: strong to extremely strong. One can also choose products that provide additional care or just bring more shine.
Most hairsprays keep the hair smooth in contrast to the painting of the past, when hairstyles were adamant.
Hair spray it is necessary to spray with a distance of about 20 to 30 centimeters in a circular motion on the hair.
Do not use too much paint, can there be a gray veil over the hair come back, so it loses its luster.
For more volume in your hair you can apply a little hair spray directly at the roots

Less is more

Especially for its products applies: Less is more. Excess products in the hair makes it limp, greasy, sticky or heavy making it really is impossible to get into shape.
The hair in a ponytail or secure them in a clamp may be a resort but its re-washing is basically the best option.
Never use more than is necessary, it will also in the wallet!