Disappear and disappearances: what to do if you get lost

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Every now and then someone disappears from the earth, so it seems. Some people are found again, others are never seen again. Sometimes there is crime in the game, but sometimes people get lost really. That example was the case in July 2011 when the Dutch Mary-Anne Goossens in Spain lost. About disappear, disappearances and get lost.

No idea where you are or how return

For many people it is a nightmare. Somewhere reach and do not know how you come back again. And especially that you're lost in an environment that you do not know in nature, where there are no facilities and therefore your health is also at stake. What happens to a person when he or she gets lost and thus end up in a situation that is unknown and sometimes life-threatening?

Fascination disappearances

Many people are fascinated by disappearances. The girl Madeleine McCann, the disappearance of the Dutch Mary-Anne Goossens in 2011 in Spain, the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, the disappearance of the 15-year Willeke Dost. Many of these cases are never solved, in other cases, people were happy yet again well spent. That fascination has probably to do with the fear of people ever even end up in such situation ?? n. For many people the worst that can happen to them.

Films about to disappear and get lost

There are disappearing on the subject and get lost therefore already made many films and series and written books. Examples include:
  • Cast Way
  • Into the Void
  • 127 Hours
  • Lost
  • Missing
  • Trackless

Lost in the wilderness of the jungle

Which for many people is an almost unbelievably scary idea, the idea is to get lost in the wilderness. This nature has in store for Westerners dangers they do not know and make them panic. Getting lost in the wilderness, however, requires the knowledge of that nature in order to survive this adventure and that works a lot of people decided. Notable things missing in the wilderness include:
  • Raoul Vanderdonck from Schin op Geul who disappeared during a walk in the Hautes Fagnes. They body was found months later by a shepherd and he appeared to have died from hypothermia. Probably he's lost and the elements become his undoing.
  • The Limburg pastor French Klein who went missing during a hike in the mountains of Samos. The pastors also lifeless body was later found in a cave. His family thinks he's lost, the authorities in Greece say that he is deceased of a heart attack.
  • Steve Fosset who went missing when he flew his plane over the Sierra Nevada. His plane disappeared in 2007. Only a little over a year later were found remains of the plane and the remains of someone. Later it turned out that this was Fosset.
  • Amelia Earhart who disappeared when she was flying over the Pacific Ocean. The first woman who crossed the Atlantic in an airplane accident in 1937. She is indeed never recovered.

Why people get lost?

Western man has not made a well-developed orientation capability. That is not necessary anymore, because food just walk to the supermarket and if you're in the car somewhere then you should grab the tomtom. Probably lost sense of direction in the evolution of Western man. Elsewhere in the world it is still necessary to have that sense of direction and there are plenty of folks who without a compass to determine kilometer away where they are and where they come from. What is striking is that people who can not pinpoint on Bali where the north is explained as lunatics.

Getting lost due to a poor sense of direction

People get lost so because they have no or bad feeling orientation. This happens especially when they have no tools with them when they move into an environment they do not know and where modern tools like phones or GPS are not available. If someone then also has no topographical knowledge or can see which direction he should go out about, it is often very wrong.

Getting lost is gradual

Getting lost in the wilderness is also indicated by the word Wood Shock. People recognize the different trees no longer run in a round or wander off more and more. And it happens even the most experienced hikers and mountaineers. Moreover, the process of getting lost is very gradual. Someone is the one moment in civilization than five minutes later, noting that there is no more question of civilization, or what there is is totally strange. As that realization sinks in, the one often looks for the last point that it was recognizable. But whoever takes another wrong way, can get further and further away from something even a little familiar. The increasing familiarity of the environment leads to vertigo. Vertigo is the feeling someone gets when he is light in the head because the area seems to turn. They have the feeling that the trees come down on them and that can lead to a feeling of claustrophobia and panic. In that blind panic can someone start running and get further and further away from where he is seeking. Only when somebody comes out there again and again is calm, there is hope of returning to civilization. Someone thought then goes back and clear business plans.

What to do if you get lost in the wilderness?

Who lost in the wilderness is best to do the following:
  • Stay at a fixed location
  • Mark the area with eg fire so that you see
  • Provide food, drink and fire. You should then so look for in nature
  • Do not give up and do not countersink into lethargy. Those who do not make a plan and provides food and drink is far too dependent on others.