Discover new music - What?

Entertainment Zsbee July 25, 2016 0 16
You have a decent CD collection and also you have the best mp3s collected on your computer. Still, it's nice to occasionally discover new music with another band or artist, but where do you start. There are a few useful sites where you can conveniently search for and instantly play the new songs to different music. Sites to discover other music artists or bands:

Search by artist or band
A useful site where you can discover new music in many ways is the site of the central disco in Rotterdam: MuziekWeb. First, you can search the catalog to your favorite music. You tap for example, the name of your favorite artist. You then see all the albums of the artist on your screen. The information is often extended and so you'll often very fun facts about the artist, album or music.
Search by artist, band or album
When you search by artist, the site immediately to what other listeners include listening. The site also provides links to other artists or bands you can click through. Click on an album by a certain artist, then you come to the page with information about the album and the songs on the album. In most cases, there are behind the numbers a link to an audio clip of the song. This is very useful because as you can immediately hear how the music sounds! And is under the weather information about where listeners of the relevant album even more listen to it.
Music Advice
Another trick of the site is to search music through music advice. You fill in as three of your favorite artists or bands, and you decide to what degree you want a popular or exciting advice. Then you get a long list of artists which you can click. Through the audio clips you can then listen again or you find an interesting artist or not.
Digital music borrow
Nowadays you can on the site of MuziekWeb also borrow digital music. Handy if you do not come near Rotterdam and you have nice new music found. You have the music than a week to borrow and you can listen through your own computer. The minimum system verreisten:
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
  • A sound card that supports Secure Audio Path
  • A working broadband Internet

The site bulb is not only a site where your books, music, DVDs and the like can buy. You can very well look for new music. Click on the tab "music" you will come to the home page of music, where many suggestions and new albums are. In addition, you can by artist, band, song title, or album search. Globe also provides suggestions for other music. Do you look at your favorite artist, it is hereby also mentioned that fans of the artist or album even ordered more, and below are given even more interesting suggestions. Likewise, you can click through and through an album or another artist come and that way again with another artist. - based on your favorite band and / or numbers

This is an English site for which you must register with an email address. You always log in with a username and password. This allows you to compose your own compilation of favorite songs, by example, to indicate what your favorite bands or songs. In addition, the site provides suggestions for other bands where you can click on. You can immediately listen to the songs, and also watch the videos. It is a site with many opportunities and where you just have to take your time. Namely, the site plays based on your preference artist songs. These numbers can indicate you again if you find them good or not. And you can again add to your Favorites, the new artists and / or numbers. Then you can again start a new channel in which new music is being played, based on your preference. As the site continues to search for new music and this remains also tune in to your preference. You can make it as easy or complicated as you want. Nice thing is that the site also gives a lot of information about the music and artists. The downside is that after 30 numbers, you have to pay 3 euros per month.

On the English site gnoosic, you can pretty quickly get new artists and bands. You give three favorite bands. Then, the site still gives a new suggestion which you indicate whether this band or artist or not like it, or you do not know this. Register yourself at this site, are the lists that come here as a result, saved.

On this site you give up two band names. The site then gives what the connection is between these two bands, the intermediate albums where for example, has been working on one of the band members BAND1 with another artist who plays in BAND2. Usually the connection through multiple steps, and if you come on other albums and artists that might be interesting.

A simple site where you can come quickly to other names, artists and bands. You give the name of your favorite band, and the site provides all the connections again by other artists and bands. To this you can click. Particularly useful if you know a lot of names and artists.