Disorders: urinary tract infections

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You have different types of urinary tract infections. UTIs occur mainly in women. This is because women have a shorter urethra than men. This makes it easy for women for bacteria to creep up through the urethra than men. The classic symptoms most people know of a urinary tract infection such as burning, painful sensation when urinating and the much more frequent urination. The most common UTI is a bladder infection. Often, a bladder infection treated with antibiotics.

Different types of urinary tract infections

There are different types of urinary tract infections. Often only thought of cystitis in urinary tract infections. However, there are many different types of urinary tract infections. Here a variety of urinary tract infections are described.
An acute cystitis
An acute cystitis is an inflammation of the urinary bladder. It is the most common urinary tract infection. The cause is usually a bacterium derived from the intestine. This bacterium enters through the stool out and can then ascend by incorrectly wipe through the urethra to the bladder. This condition is much more common in women than in men. This is as already mentioned above in that the urethra in men is much longer than in women, and in women because there is less distance between the urethra and anus of the seat, than in men. The incidence of acute cystitis, that is to say the number of new cases in women is approximately between 60 and 90 per 1000 women per year. In men, the incidence of acute cystitis approximately 10 per 1000 men per year.
Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra, the urethra. In these UTI has been suffering from a painful and burning sensation in the urethra. This inflammation can also be associated with secretion.
Pyelitis and acute pyelonephritis
An acute pyelitis or pyelonephritis is called a complicated UTI. The urinary tract infection is further taken off in the urinary tract or bladder infections. The inflammation is located at this urinary tract infection in the kidney. In an acute pyelitis is the inflammation in the renal pelvis and with an acute pyelonephritis also in the renal tissue outside the renal pelvis. The incidence in women is about 2 per 1000 women per year in men and approximately 0.8 per 1,000 men per year.

Course of a urinary tract infection

It is often the case that a urinary tract infection without complication is easy to cure in women. Often UTIs are treated with antibiotics. There may be a urine culture also be determined exactly which pathogen is responsible for urinary tract infection. Then you may change your antibiotic agent. To cure a UTI is also important to drink a lot.
You see that as people grow older, they have more chance of getting a urinary tract infection. You can also see clearly that when you've had a urinary tract infection can easily get multiple urinary tract infections.