DIY: carpet tiles, vinyl tiles, lay flooring tiles

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Carpet and vinyl tiles are usually available in sizes 30 to 30 centimeters. Because of the seams, they are not suitable for laying in wet rooms. If water in the glue will allow the tiles loose. Parquet tiles are a type of wooden tiles often also in the size 30 by 30 centimeters. Some species are plywood with a thin veneer. Other types consist of solid wood parts which are held together along behind with a thin textile layer.

Laying vinyl tile and carpet tiles

The amount of tiles will depend on the floor surface and the surface of the tiles themselves. In a rectangular room multiply, length and width, and then dividing by the surface area of ​​one tile. Buy at least a few extra tiles for backup you'll ever need.
the laying of self-adhesive tiles
  • With a crowbar to remove the skirting boards against the wall.
  • Then enter the subsoil good cleaning.
  • Then you divide the drawing area into four equal parts by two perpendicular intersecting lines. The intersection is in the middle of the floor. From here you start laying the tiles.
  • First make all suits where tiles are open so that you have it at hand.
  • Lay the tiles from the center point. To avoid color variations grasp tiles of different suits.
  • First, place the uncut tiles and later the tiles that you need to cut to size with a Stanley knife.

  • Do not lay tile adhesive
    For non-adhesive tiles takes you obviously first adhesive. The type of glue is dependent on the tiles and the substrate.
    Make sure that the distance between the last tile and the wall is a quarter of a width of a tile. Do you have a smaller piece on, then lay the tiles from one of these walls. By half a tile can move their glue so that you do not need to cut the tiles in each half.
    cut to size tiles
    Just use a little trick: place a tile precisely on the last full tile from the wall. Draw a line along the top tile on the underlying and cut the latter along the line. Stick the cut tile adjoining the last complete tile and it fits perfectly.
    tiles tamping
    The tiles can crushing them with a rolling pin or renting a linoleum roller.

    Laying parquet tiles

    This is not so with the laying of carpet tiles, just be sure to keep the pattern in mind. You must also use special parquet glue.
    In a concrete sub-floor is a layer of moisture-insulating required. Often it is also desired, a wooden intermediate floor. Nor is it wise to put parquet tiles on a cement floor where a crawlspace underneath. In that case, you should call in a professional.
    The preparation begins with clear, clean and remove baseboards. Sometimes it is necessary with a saw a dozen millimeter from the bottom of the door frames to be cut away. Also note that the floor has not creak anywhere. Take the first road cracking.
    step by step
  • Make four equal portions of space. Draw two perpendicular lines each from the center of a wall.
  • Put glue on the parquet surface.
  • Place two rows of tiles from the middle towards the sides, perpendicular to each other.
  • At the edge you cut to size tiles.
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